Beer & Cider 3 for £20.00 or 2 for £16.00 @ Tesco

Beer & Cider 3 for £20.00 or 2 for £16.00 @ Tesco

Found 21st Jun 2011
Continues again from tomorrow, previous deal posted is due to expire today so thought I'd post it again as that was posted nearly 4 weeks ago! (credit to ClashInDevon)

3 for £20.00 or 2 for £16.00

Beck's Bier 12X275ml Bottles
Boddingtons Draught 12X440ml
Brothers Festival Pear Cider 12X440ml
Budweiser 5% 12X300ml
Bulmers Original 6X568ml
Bulmers Original 6X568ml
Carling 12X440ml Lager
Carlsberg 12X440ml
Carlsberg Export 10 X 440Ml Cans
Carlsberg Export 12X275ml Bottles
Fosters Lager 12X440ml
Guinness Draught 10X440ml Cans
Heineken 12X330ml Can
Kopparberg Pear 12 X 330Ml
Kronenbourg 12X275ml
Magners Irish Cider 8 X 568Ml
Magners Pear Cider 8 X 568Ml
Old Speckled Hen 10X440ml Can
Savanna Dry Chill Pack 12 X 330Ml
Stella Artois 12 X 284Ml Bottles
Stella Artois 4% 10X440ml
Strongbow 12X330ml
Strongbow Cider 12X440ml
Tuborg 15X275ml



Since when has there been 10 cans in a case

The deal finishes today but continues again tomorrow??? So the deal hasn't really finished at all has it!?

I bought 2 x Stella and 1 x Heineken on this deal two weeks ago but it's a very average deal tbh.


Since when has there been 10 cans in a case

defo used to be 8 bottles in the cases of bulmers too
another case of sly stealing, but keeping the so called bargain price the same

fridge packs are 10 cans and normaly dearer than what 15 cans were

Does it say online it restarts tomorrow

To be fair the sign on the shelf at Tescos does say "midi cases" rather than just "cases".

I don't know if it's just me but I normally assume cases to contain in the region of 10/12 cans or bottles whereas anything in the range of 20-24 I refer to as a crate. Crates sound bigger than cases IMO.

Cheers for update, just what HOTUKDEALS is all about

the way they reduce the size of the packs every years is a joke, from bottles being 20 to 18 to now 12 and bottle size have been reduced to

Anyone who buys 2 for £16 when it's 3 for 20 quid is stupid.
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