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So not strictly true then, many pub versions of drinks are weaker than the bottles/cans, Proper job IPA is 5.5% in a bottle/can, 4.5% on draught for example Strongbow etc all sorts of drinks are weaker in pubs on draught, its tax reasons.


It appears the bottles are staying the same but the draught version will be weaker.


Had a bottle the other day from asda, still 6.2 when I bought it.


No idea how to get the discount - signed up to account and newsletter. No discount code forthcoming


The problem comes when they start messing with the formula which Henikien have done with Lagunitas (also a US drink) which is now a 5% ale rather than 6.2%. Some bars still advertise it as higher strength than it actually is which is wrong too with a price to match.


Not sure why this is getting voted cold, good deal at the moment. You can get an extra 10% off this price as well. Those saying it's just the novelty of pouring your own pint have obviously not tried a pint from one of these machines. Beer is brewed in germany/belgium e.t.c not brewed under licence in the UK so is a lot better than what you get in the pubs and far far better tasting than cans or bottles.


The Kwak is lovely! Who'd have thought it was 8.4%?!?! Works out about £2.30 a pint, with the 20% discount for 4 kegs and the £5 keg deposit. Well worth it.


Or find a cheap pub and go there 50 times and enjoy.


You can get leffe for £3.03 litre asda


It is a heavy up front expense but I am loving mine. I get the 20% off for buying 4 kegs at once. With the £5 refund I get Leffe on draft for less than the price of a bottle from Asda. Use a small glass and it's always fresh and perfectly chilled. Only downside for me is 15 hour wait for a new keg to chill. P.S. for an extra £5 I recommend the Kwak !

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Don't forget the airing cupboard.


I may be an old fart now but in my day we brewed beer in dustbins (or the bath in uni days) and fermented wine in gallon demijohns. The photo does say small batch but not worth the effort for so few pints.


It's a lot of work for 7.6 pints. I have only ever made beer in 5 gallon lots (40 pints), and there is a lot of work involved regardless of the amount brewed. For a demijohn, an airlock , a piece of plastic tube, bottle capper, etc,. and a small bag of ingredients, I think this is quite expensive. You will find that repeat ingredients and recipes will be geared to 40 pints. Unless you buy more demijohns, you'll have at least 2 weeks wait between brews of 7.6 pints. Sorry, not for me!


Normal brew kits are 22ltr or 40 pints so this is pretty much useless.


Can't you buy something similar from the likes of B&M for half this price? Probably not as good as this one.


Thanks Mrswitch! More for us then (y)


This is back in here But I'll be damned if I repost it hahaha


Second box arrived today, I ordered two but only one arrived. The later box has beers of which 80% are in date


As a big craft beer drinker (at least 900 different beers), I took a punt on this. A normal beer for me can range from £4 a pint to £8 for a third, so £1 a beer is mega cheap. Opened my delivery this morning and I can’t complain. There are beers in there from Thornbridge and Siren as well as a few lesser quality American breweries which would normally retail for at least £2.50. Plus Hoegarden and Schneider Weisse which are good quality European beers. Yes, there are one or two duds such as that horrid Blue something or other lager, but I’ll just give that to someone. All in all - well worth a punt at £1 a beer.


I have taken the mystery case 4 times in the past with good results, been a bit unlucky with this one 8 beers not past best before date. 1 September 2017 4 end of 2017 7 January 2018 And the rest a bit of a mixture but past best before date. They give fair warning you are going to get beer past its best before date but to be honest most times in the past it has been about a month out.


Freezing deal. Some decent beers but cheaper in the supermarkets. The postage kills it.


Right, I’ve misread the deal, after my hapless performance please accept this message as my resignation from further postings on this offer.:(


(lol) we are not exclusive ;)


I thought you do mobiles only @Mrswitch .


Its £24.65 with the postage, so your sums are still wrong. £24.65 / 14 = £1.76 per beer.

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Jaipur now at £15 at “selected stores” of Tesco.






And you certainly have no clue, keep drinking british horse p$$


Seems dear to me too... £25 a pair would seem like a bargain.. though can't drink owt but stella these days... all that aldi and lidl stuff is rank...


Weird isn't it that this has been voted on over 100 times, and the phone deal I posted only 50, both were posted at the same time, clearly keyword feeds must have a lot of people putting beer in them (lol)


I do :o ;(


Funny thing is I do t get a hangover with decent craft beers


Big headaches ahead


For the same or a lesser price my recommendations from thon supermarket would be. Boston tea party - Bad co New world ipa - norther monk Punk ipa & Elvis juice - Brewdog Inhaler & High wire - magic rock Life & death - pride & joy - Vocation Eternal - Northern monk

Beer hawk mystery box bogof @ beer hawk £30
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan

Some strong stuff about 9 cans and some 500 ml bottles very happy


Just got mine today, wow what a selection, the only beer hear I've heard of is the BrewDog can and bottle, not bad for £30, however the proof is in the tasting...


Yea, enjoy, all I can say is I'd definitely buy again, I really thought I'd get screwed over with supermarket beers and dupes.


Mine are out for delivery today


Mine were also delivered via Yodel today. I have a few duplicates but that is hardly surprising given that there were 20 bottles and 10 cans. As expected, most of the bottles are past their best before date. In some cases, they are quite a lot past their date which is rather surprising and disappointing. I haven't heard of many of the beers to be honest and am looking forward to trying them.


Used Beer Hawk loads for Perfect Draft kegs and pretty sure the beer will be much better quality than what I could get at Morrisons. Site also says there's 4 you can't get anywhere else so happy to take a punt! Got some spare Beer Tokens too so that'll make it even cheaper :p


£2 for 330ml not a great deal, better off going to your supermarket with more choice and 500ml bottles for less. morrisons have Buy 4 for £6 with a wide choice of beers and stouts.


Got mine delivered today decent selection and would defo cost a lot more if brought individually.


I thought it was a title of a book at first :-D hahaha


You can get 750ml bottles costing £15.00 for a 11% craft beer these days, or 275ml for £1.80 for 5%.. its quality beers no longer your Double Diamond Lager


Various and mixed most likely :p


As with anything regarding buying booze, how large is the bottle and how strong?


Damn missed it


Only 1 in stock, so can't order.


Last Thornbridge keg I had from beerhawk was a couple of weeks on the best before - of course it will still be fine after this and if you can keep refrigerated then it should last a bit longer.


unfortunately I wouldn't know


Quidco seems not to be working for this site.


That may be so good sir, but the Belgium Beers are only compatible with waxed mustaches not beards!


[img][/img] I approve of this deal.


expensive at half the price!


A bit like weak wine then. Asti Spumante £5 for 750ml at morrisons


Loads of Belgian beers are up in the 8+% bracket and are only a couple of quid so the original pricing for this seems excessive.


Here you go, for the more regular drinker.... straight from the can ;) from can to draught


Went out last night, very expensive, 9 quid for 2 drinks, the bar was empty, it was a one off xmas party for most, guessing even the occasional 'upmarket' event is too much for most, never mind having to buy dedicated kegs... :)


Students can get a 10% discount too via Student Beans (similar to UNiDAYS) Link


CAMRA members get 10% off at beerhawk too just in case any members were thinking of taking the plunge :D


whatever you like it's all good! this is more of an investment though, think of the years of good pints you'd get


Any new offers


Bit like a trip to Scandinavia then?


I have just ordered a mix case and used MAGGIECRAFT for 20% off, plus it was free delivery as it was over £30.


It's cheap for a proper pouring experience, but I'd be concerned over the availability and range of these kegs in future. It's the coffee machines all over again.


Don't think its an accident that most 'flash sales' happen on pay day. I know what they are up to, I won't buy it, I don't need and I probably won't use. *Looks up reviews anyway*

Beer Chiller Plus 6L Beer Keg £169 beerhawk
Found 28th Aug 2016Found 28th Aug 2016

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!! NO!! NO!! Just get some cans


Been mulling it over since yesterday. The extra £20 off was just the ticket for activation of trigger finger


It can't it only holds 6l kegs...


Looks cool but too much hassle,Will stick with the offer at Morrison's 2 x750ml leffe blonde for £5. So 6 litres for £20 at the moment.


Save £50 with code PerfectDraft50 works! Comes to £120.67 when I checkout through paypal for the standalone version.


6 Belgian beers for 9 squids @ Lidl


Some very nice beers in there, but not exactly a deal at over £2.50 a bottle.


Lucky you. I live near a huge Asda and have only seen Duvel and Leffe, neither trappist beers or a patch on Rochefort


You can't get them all in one shop but I've seen some of these in ASDA. I've seen Chimay Blue, Rochefort, Westmalle Dubbel or Tripple and they were selling for something like £1.80. The Leffe Brun 750ml retails at £2.50 and these I assume are between 330ml and 500ml.


Being perdantic isnt Le Trappe a Dutch Trappist Brewery