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Posted 2 October 2022

Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice 1litre £2 @ Waitrose

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Organic beetroot juice and apple juice. Was £3.10. If anyone knows any other juice that tastes more natural than this, please let me know. 

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  • Organic. Bold by nature. Rich & hearty. Picked & pressed. Not from concentrate. The juice has been pasteurised and contains no preservatives. Suitable for vegans.Why Organic? Organic farming uses traditional methods like crop rotation and natural pest control rather than chemical fertilisers and pesticides which can end up in the final product. Artificial preservatives and additives are also a no-no. And we get simply the best tasting juice on the market. So why compromise? We add a small amount of apple juice to smooth the natural earthy taste of beetroot juice, whilst retaining both its distinctive taste and smell

  • Organic Beetroot Juice (90%), Organic Apple Juice (10%)
  • Lifestyle
  • Organic
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Additives
  • Free From Preservatives
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    Eating the actual beet root and carrots is most probably much better (as you have more fibre and body breaks it down slowly) and much cheaper than the juice version
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    Tried this for high blood pressure, not only did it have zero effect, but it's so utterly disgusting I had to force myself to drink it every morning. Good price though I was paying between 2.49 and 3 quid.
    Add some honey or apple juice if you dislike the taste
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    You’ve got to remember you had this when you go for a pee!
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    Excellent health benefits to beetroot
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    I prefer Cawston Press. This tastes a bit vinegary to me. Good price btw. £2 was always the offer price I would go for. Unfortunately the lowest on the Cawston is £2.20 now.
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    The nobel prize winning molecule that is nitric oxide, enhances blood flow and circulation. I believe beets, rocket and spinach are amongst the highest. Get in them in whatever way you can.
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    I had high blood pressure a while back, this was recommended to me.
    Me too and I drank a lot of this stuff hoping it would have an effect but it didn’t.
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    with dash of tetra pack
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    Best one around, £2 in Asda too
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    I like to mix it with organic carrot juice also on offer at Waitrose. Don't liken the taste tho, but it supposes to be healthy
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    Good price
    100ml very morning