Before Sunrise / Before Sunset Box Set Only £3.73 (Using 25% off voucher below) delivered @

Before Sunrise / Before Sunset Box Set Only £3.73 (Using 25% off voucher below) delivered @

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Romance: Before Sunrise

From Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused) comes Before Sunrise, a smartly observed tale of young people at a crossroads. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play twentysomethings who meet on a train in Europe, sense a connection and explore after-hours Vienna together. The people, places and allure of the city become their sudden itineraries. Love is their destination. On the way there's the mutual sharing of hopes, jokes, dreams, worry and wonder. It's a day to linger in their memories. And a valentine to young love forever.

Rekindled: Before Sunset

Hawke and Delpy make magic again, reprising their roles and reuniting with Linklater in this engaging tale of love and renewal. When Jesse and Celine first met in the mid 90's, their few hours together in Vienna were spontaneous and life-altering. Nine years later, lightning strikes twice. They unexpectedly meet in Paris...and have only one fading afternoon to decide if they should share their tomorrows. Smart, witty, real and unfolding largely in real time to heighten its immediacy, Before Sunset glows with the moments that are every heart's greatest adventure.


These films should both be watched at least once in your lifetime, and the price is awesome.

Im not one for sloppy chic flicks, but these two movies are amazing

Very much a marmite of a couple of films. Love them or hate them. I love them and at that price an absolute bargain.

amazing films, I watched them back to back and bought them for a tenner the next day. The last half an hour of Before Sunset is probably my favourite part of any film, it's great

Don't forget quidco too - 1.5%

i thought they were dreadful and overlong.
my 2p worth


Don't forget quidco too - 1.5%

My 8p cashback tracked, woohoo! :roll:

HOT HOT HOT, these movies are astoundingly good, was waiting for a good price for them, now i have it!! thank you!!

Just received a phone call (@ 9pm?!?!?) saying they have no stock & their supplier is not expecting anymore - herefore they're cancelling the order.

It took them 11 days to discover this?!
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