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Behringer BA 85A Dynamic Super Cardioid Microphone - £14.99 @ Amazon

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BA 85A
Dynamic Super Cardioid Microphone
  • Dynamic super cardioid microphone with shaped frequency response ideal for close-up vocals
  • Ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound
  • Extremely high signal output lets your voice cut through
  • Super Cardioid characteristic provides maximum isolation from other sound sources
  • 3-pin XLR connector for highest signal integrity
  • Integrated wind and pop noise filter
  • Shock mount system to cut down handling noise
  • Microphone stand adapter and impact-resistant carrying case included

4039773_1.jpgBA 85A
The BA 85A Super Cardioid dynamic microphone is a performer’s and home recording enthusiast’s dream come true! This professional-quality microphone is designed to capture your sounds with outstanding sensitivity and accuracy. With a Super Cardioid pickup pattern for excellent sound source separation and feedback rejection, this ultra-wide frequency response mics is an excellent choice for any performing or recording scenario – and it’s rugged enough to go the distance! With an integrated shock mount system and spherical wind and pop noise filter and coming packaged with a mic stand adapter and an impact-resistant carrying case, the BA 85A is the only microphone you will ever need.

What is a Dynamic Mic?
Dynamic mics have several advantages that make them ideal for live vocal applications and for recording amplified instruments. They’re robust, resistant to moisture and can achieve high gain before feedback. The BA Series’ Super Cardioid pickup pattern captures the source signal, such as a guitar amplifier or vocalist, while shunning off-axis sound. And best of all, dynamic microphones don’t require any phantom power, so all you need is your mic and cable!

Why the BA 85A?
The BA 85A provides an amazingly flat frequency response while incorporating a smooth mid-frequency presence rise for excellent voice projection and includes a two-stage pop filter to minimize breath and pop noises. It features an extremely high output to get your voice out there! And with their tough metal construction and sturdy steel windscreen, you can count on the BA mics to come through after countless gigs and studio applications. We’ve even included a rugged hard case with a mic clip and stand adapter.

Make Yourself Heard…
The BA 85A is built to be your go-to dynamic mics for years to come. It’s high-quality components and extremely rugged construction can withstand the rigors of the bar circuit with ease. And with the included mic stand adapter and carrying case, the BA 85A travels along with all you need in style. This microphone is an excellent choice for live and studio applications. Check out the incredible BA 85A microphone at a dealer near you.

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  1. Avatar
    Any good for a karaoke setup?
    Although never done karaoke, I think this will be completely fine to great performance. Super-cardioid is great for karaoke and for this price you can pick up a pair easily if you do duos.

    These types of microphones are known for being really well built and are very ideal for those type of situations.
  2. Avatar
    Is this wireless? Bluetooth? What do you plug it into if not wireless? Excuse my ignorance..
    XLR port into an interface/mixer, then through USB is my usual go-to. Can be used through a variety of devices that accept XLR 3 pin. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    From 10m away these look like a Shure Beta 58 but that is where the similarity ends. They suffer from more feedback and have dreadful handling noise. For £25 it is about as good as any other £25 dynamic mic, but it ain't a SM58.
    Totally agree, to be honest I am really confused by the comparisons between this and the SM58. There are clear differences between the two, but maybe those that are suggesting they're similar may be casual users.

    Either way, I think this is very good value for ~20-25, but it isn't comparable.

    Then again, we're on a forum where I see time and time again people comparing their Blue Yeti to a dynamic microphone...
  4. Avatar
    Decent mic for the price. I used one a while back - comparable to an SM58 but a little brighter which some people prefer. When I compare some of the Seinheisser mic's to an SM58, they also appear brighter, a little more top-end and a slight boost in midrange. Not too much and something that can be amended by mixing. Good for Karaoke, Presenting and even non-regular singing gigs.
  5. Avatar
    If you just want a cheap karaoke mic and you don’t care if it gets broken go for it, if you’re serious about music and singing, go for an SM58 or better still an SM58 beta, I’ve had both for more years than I care to remember...have had to replace the grill, but that’s about the worst that’s happened...
  6. Avatar
    Great price... Some reviews say it compares favourably to SM58s for a fraction of the price.
    I doubt it in real life. I switched from Behringer to SM58s and there was a world of difference.

    If you are on a tight budget these will probably do the job.
  7. Avatar
    Thanks OP
  8. Avatar
    Wondering if I could use this for karaoke in my mancave. I have a sub-zero pa system. Would this microphone plug in to it. And then use Spotify for songs and lyrics?
    Hi, sorry for the late reply, didn't get the notification to your comment.

    I am not into PA systems so don't take this as 100% fact, but if your system is anything like the speaker on gear4music.com/PA-…W9P then yes, it will work completely fine. On the fourth image it has a dedicated XLR port for your microphone which this microphone uses, so you just plug it into there.

    The takeaway is if your personal system has that then you should have no problems using this microphone. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Just so people know - this will need to be plugged into an audio interface (with an XLR cable) before connecting to a computer. It needs something with a mic pre-amp to boost the signal, plugging it directly into a computer won't work well (it'll be incredibly quiet)
  10. Avatar
    JTS Microphone - Back in the day these used to be great, similar to SM58 but slightly brighter, quality was good and the switch was smooth.