Behringer Midi Foot Pedal £59.00+£4.95 P+PP Bax Shop

Behringer Midi Foot Pedal £59.00+£4.95 P+PP Bax Shop

Found 18th Dec 2017Edited by:"matto"
Don't know quite how niche this is but have been looking for one of these for a while for my son for Christmas and hopefully will help someone. It's cutting it a bit fine for Christmas especially as these ship from the Netherlands - free returns though. I use Bax regularly and have had no issues.

These typically retail at more than double this price.
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Great price, hot
Edited by: "you_gotta_be_kidding" 18th Dec 2017
I am pretty tempted by this, it's been a few years since I've worked with gear this nice, do you know anything about using it's midi functions?
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Amazon have price matched - but not in stock. It was previously £115 on Amazon but similarly not in stock.

No experience of using these. It was recommended to me for connection to a midi compatible modelling guitar amp.
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Smoking hot
Showing as £129.99?
Must have been a glitch. Not £59 now. Expire?
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