Being Human - Series 1 DVD £6.89 delivered @ Sendit

Being Human - Series 1 DVD £6.89 delivered @ Sendit

Found 1st Sep 2010
BEING HUMAN is a bizarre, supernatural sitcom from the BBC that revolves around the concept of two young men—Mitchell and George--sharing a flat. While this seems like a tried and tested formula for television the twist is that Mitchell (Aidan Turner – THE TUDORS) is a vampire and George (Russell Tovey – LITTLE DORRIT, THE HISTORY BOYS) is a werewolf. Complicating matters further is pair's newfound home is haunted by the ghost of Annie (Lenora Crichlow – SUGAR RUSH).
Special Features

* Character profiles\Deleted scenes\Extended scenes\Alternate scene
* 20 minutes segment on character profiles
* 7 deleted scenes – total duration 8 mins 23 secs
* 6 extended scenes – total duration 15 mins
* 1 alternate scene – total duration 1 min


Great price for a fantastic series, although much better on Blu-Ray as the High Def really looks stunning.

Always hate the way its described as a sit-com, I mean sometimes it makes you laugh but its about as far from a sitcom as you can get.

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