Being There: Deluxe Edition (Peter Sellers) (Blu-ray) - £4.99 Delivered @ Play

Being There: Deluxe Edition (Peter Sellers) (Blu-ray) - £4.99 Delivered @ Play

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Excellent Peter Sellers film at a bargain price (DVD cheapest is £3.99) - elsewhere:- £6.49
Amazon UK £6.99 £8.99
HMV £9.99

Hal Ashby's much-praised Being There stars Peter Sellers in what was perhaps his finest comic performance. Chance the gardener has spent his entire life in an old man's house and has no idea of the world outside except for what television has given him. Sellers manages to make his innocence touching and oddly impressive rather than an offensive exploitation of disability. Jerzy Kozinski's screenplay neither entirely endorses nor discounts the twin possibilities that Chance's simplicity and closeness to the natural world give him access to real wisdom, or that he is simply a blank on whom people project what they want to see and hear. What is clear is that he gives his dying friend Ben (Jack Warden) peace of mind and consoles Ben's wife (Shirley Maclaine). Whether he's being groomed for the Presidency or appearing to walk on water, he always does something right, and the same is true for Sellers' minimalist performance.


top deal-lovely film

Link not working!

Good price for a good film. Sellers' best perfomance, be it one of his last also.

Hot from me, classic film and blu-ray quality.


Now here's a film I like to watch lol

**** all over something like Forrest Gump. Great film.

Classic, back in the days when 99% of a movie wasn't created on a computer.

A bona fide classic.

overhyped not really Sellers best

Love this film - ordered one.
Thanks OP

absolutely brilliant film - what a great story and performance from sellers - i think it may have been his last film too?

The Extras on the R2UK SE suck compared to the R1 SE

A film to treasure.
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