Beko Black Single Multifunction Oven & Induction Hob £198 @ B&Q

Beko Black Single Multifunction Oven & Induction Hob £198 @ B&Q

Found 24th Mar 2016
The Oven on its own is worth a lot more - was £198 few months ago and went up to £265.

B&Q sell the slightly lower 6 function oven itself for £197.…prd

Instore only - still quite a bit of stock around in NW England
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Bro ovens are the poorest quality going
"multifunction oven" aren't all ovens multifunctional?

"multifunction oven" aren't all ovens multifunctional?

It has features where it heats from the top or bottom or both depending on where you want the heat source to come from as well as the standard fan/non fan stuff. I bought this when it was the same price a few months ago and it's been pretty good. You need to hard wire the hob in but the oven can just go on a plug.
In process of moving house and funds are limited, managed to get one from Canterbury store this morning. Special reduced price for the weekend. Not expecting it to perform the same as a Neff oven but for that price as long as it cooks food it's fine.
Gutted... bought this earlier this week for £265. Just been down to same store, as was considering buying it again and taking the first one back (not installed yet), but they've sold out.
Got the well
Heads Up.

Excuse me for being a tedious pedant, but the oven listed in your primary "Get Deal" link is not the same oven that is listed in the "diy" link in the main body of your post. Nor is the oven in the link to the Beko UK web site the same oven. All have different number of functions, ie they are not 8-function.

I'm trying to figure out which oven on the Beko site does equate to it but have failed so far. I am beginning to suspect it is either a model no longer offered or is maybe an EU import by Kingfisher. If and when I find out something that makes sense, I will post further.

If anyone who has bought the package has the actual model number of both the oven and the hob, I would be immensely grateful if they would post to in order to help clear up the confusion.

Looks like it's this one from the Beko site to me? I've checked and one of our local stores has this in stock, hoping to pick it up tomorrow, thanks for the heads up
The Oven model in the package is stated as 'QIM223X' and the Hob is 'QHI64'

Models stated on box as above. At the end of the day it's a great deal for an oven and an induction hob if you're on a budget, it will cook and it has a two year guarantee so can't go wrong but no doubt there will be the usual HUKD "experts" who just come on here to **** everything off.
Bought this today, it was £183 but got it delivered for nowt as I spent over £250 instore. Good deal, cheers for the heads up!
I'm not an oven connoisseur, but I got this back in January when they last had the deal and have been delighted with it. I think if you're the kind of person who buys a neff then chances are you're not going to seriously consider this anyway. If, however, you just have a pretty standard old oven that needs replacing on a budget then this is a great buy. It performs to the levels I expect, cooks things evenly in the times recommended. The hob itself is great value - we had a standard ceramic hob before and the induction heats so much faster, almost better than gas. Great buy, heat added.
Called into the store this evening for a couple of tester paints, and thought I'd ask about the price drop on this item.

Showed them my receipt and that I'd only bought it on Tuesday, and asked if they had any sort of 'price promise' or similar, and after speaking to the kitchen dept, I was then sent back to the customer services desk and issued with a refund of the price difference (£67). The supervisor who put it through says their policy is that you have 14 days from purchase, and if an item you bought drops in price, you can go and get the difference back.

Worth noting, as B&Q's prices do fluctutae at times, espeically around bank holidays and such like.

So if anyone else bought this in last 2 weeks at the higher price (£265), go back to store with your reciept and see if they'll honour the price difference.

Overall though, very happy to have gotten this pack for £198 now!!
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If you cant get the induction hob then both the gas and electric hob packs are £183 at the moment
Does anyone know what the current instore price is? thanks

Does anyone know what the current instore price is? thanks

Don't know for sure, but its back to £265 online, so probably gone back up instore as well - probably only dropped to £198 for Easter weekend.
Yes when I bought mine they said it was a special offer for the weekend, stills good buy at £265 though.
hi does anyone have a pdf manual for this oven as model number isn't recognised on bekos website or could someone take a picture or scan in the controls and what means what, cheers
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