BEKO DRCS68W Sensor Drying Condenser Dryer £180 Delivered @ Dixons +1.51% TCB

BEKO DRCS68W Sensor Drying Condenser Dryer £180 Delivered @ Dixons +1.51% TCB

Found 14th Feb 2012
Had this for 2 yrs and still going strong. Price has dropped since I bought it...

It has Sensor Drying and the condensor tray is on top left corner and not @ bottom like others!

There is a hose supplied with the dryer, so you can bypass the condensor collection tray - I have the hose in the back of the water tray and the other end placed in the pipe where the used washing machine water goes and hence I never need to empty the water tray! Superb!

It's 'C' energy efficency rated: Cost Per Cycle in Pounds £0.47 / Cost Per Year £69.68

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This no frills product has got some very good consistent reviews for its price:
9 out of 10 from 1808 reviews. Refer to:…ore
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Been this price for a while.
I know it has nothing to do with this post but just gonna say !!!

bought a Bosch sensor drying tumble dryer hopeless the older design work far better in my opinion, My buy was one of these worst things I ever did !!!

bought one similar to this, was awesome while it worked, but only lasted about 2 years.
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