Beko DWD5412S 12 Place Dishwasher in Silver @ Coopelectricalshop - £179.99

Beko DWD5412S 12 Place Dishwasher in Silver @ Coopelectricalshop - £179.99

Found 17th May 2013
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Stylish and modern, the Beko Dishwashers range offers performance and efficiency, making the job quicker and easier. Additional features include:

Rinse Aid Indicator light
Salt Indicator light
Cold fill
Stainless Steel interior
Four Adjustable feet
5 Programmes :
Pre Wash (No heat)
Intensive 70°c
Quick&Clean 60°c
Economy 59°c
Rapid 35°c - 35 Minutes

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Depth (mm) 570 mm
Height (mm) 850 mm
Width (mm) 600 mm
Adj Upper Basket
A facility to adjust the height of the upper basket on a dishwasher, provides greater flexibility when loading and allows over-sized pans and crockery to be placed in the lower basket.

Colour Silver
Delay Start Timer
A feature, which will allow the user to delay the start of the programme; this can be used to take advantage of cheaper overnight electricity (Economy 7), or for customer convenience.

A program designed specifically for fragile or sensitive items including China, Porcelain or Glassware. Utilising a cooler wash cycle and a low spray pressure to carefully wash delicate items to a sparkling clean finish and avoiding chipping or glazing.

Drying Performance
Drying performance is an indication of the machines ability to remove water from the wash load at the end of the program. Indicated by a scale of efficiency running from A+ to G, with A+ being the best.
Energy Efficiency
Reveals how effectively an appliance uses energy, the higher the efficiency the more economical it is and the lower the energy bill. A scale from A+ to G indicates efficiency, A+ being most economical, a crucial factor in view of recent energy price rises
Guarantee 12 Months
Half Load
A program for those occasions when there are only a few items to clean. Half-load is designed to use less water and energy than a normal cycle.

LED Display
Indicator lights providing information in a number of areas including program selection or the progress of the washing cycle. Additional lights may be present providing information on the Salt and Rinse-aid levels, etc.

Place Settings
An agreed standard for describing the capacity of a dishwasher. One place setting consists of:- Dinner, Soup and Dessert plates, a Teacup & Saucer a Glass and a set of cutlery (Knife, Fork, 3 Spoons). Therefore, a 12 place model is suitable for family use
12 Place Settings
Programmes 5 Programmes
Wash Performance
Also known as cleaning performance, this indicates how effectively an appliance removes dirt and grease from the wash load and that the unit attains a high level of hygiene. A scale running from A+ to G indicates performance with A+ being most effective.
Wash Temperatures 4
Water Consumption (litres)
The volume of water the machine uses in litres per cycle e.g. 24litres/per cycle. The less water used the more efficient the machine. An important consideration for households with a Water Meter. An economical model will save a lot of money over a year.
15 litres
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