Beko electric cooker bargain price £329 @ PRC Direct

Beko electric cooker bargain price £329 @ PRC Direct

Found 15th Feb 2013
Great priced

Beko 600 mm wide electric cooker, cheapest price anywhere. I've bought one, and its at least £100 cheaper than any other website or currys!

They also offer a 5 year warranty even including this and delivery charge its still cheaper than anywhere else,

Stock is now limited, but it is available
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Our land lord bought us one of these a few years ago as it was cheap. Yes it works, but the back pours out hot steam so you can't have anything near it and the front presumably collects some of this steam and in drips onto the floor. The lino in front of the oven is now stained and we have to put a cloth under the oven to catch these drips. After a few hours cooking there is about 100mls of water on the floor. It used to be when I went into the kitchen to go to the oven my sock would get wet as I stood in this puddle.
I personally would not buy one when we buy a house as a wet foot can really p you off every time you go and check on your cooking and forget about the puddle.
Price is £239 & delivery.
Yeah sorry was a typing error on my part!
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