Beko Washing Machine, WTG741M1W £186 @ Tesco Direct

Beko Washing Machine, WTG741M1W £186 @ Tesco Direct

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Only 7 kg load . Buy bigger load as more heavy duty and consume same electricity.
Not everyone has a big family
70% on Which:

Pros: Exceptional cleaning all-round, compact, cheap
Cons: Takes forever to complete a wash, noisy, inefficient
Cool picture but it's not the right washer
Believe_Me3 h, 6 m ago

Not everyone has a big family

You did not get it. Bigger capacity rated are more heavy duty but not bigger . You can wash more clothes and machine is long lasting.
Bigger machines will also use more water
Thanks, wanted this last time on offer. Been £250 since, so glad waited for it to come back on offer
Tesco Direct is closing on 9 July 2018
It may now take 2-5 days to receive your order. If your order is delayed, our customer service team will contact you. Sorry for any inconvenience. For more information, please check our FAQs.

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With tesco direct closing down I would be a little concerned with after sales care, warranties etc
Believe_Me6 h, 9 m ago

Not everyone has a big family

Good deal but still Best to buy a bigger capacity as it will have larger bearings, drive belt and motor, even better if you have a small family as it will be running under capacity so should last even longer. 7kg washing 7kg loads so always running to its limit 9kg washing a 7kg load will be on easy Street.

Many families buy cheap £160 6kg machines and them moan they are unreliable when it is more to do with running it to or above its load limit, the way to get a reliable machine is to buy the largest capacity you can afford.
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This Beko or 8kg Hotpoint?
Thanks for this post, needed a cheap washing machine. Will give it a good hammering for a year or two and get my money's worth out of it and then leave it out the front for the scrap man to colllect for free.
Apparently Tesco don’t even have these in stock for those who ordered! They will aim to deliver around mid-July.

Bit dodgy when Tesco Direct close on 9th
Got cancelled, Tesco took the money though, cheeky so & so's
smegio22 h, 16 m ago

Got cancelled, Tesco took the money though, cheeky so & so's

Same here, pointless advertising things you don’t actually have to sell! Got my money back now though... fortunately
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