Beldray Industrial Heater 3000W £39.99 at B&M

Beldray Industrial Heater 3000W £39.99 at B&M

Found 10th Dec 2016
Looks powerfull and quick heating which is what iam looking for my home / garage for upcoming cold winter season.
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Looks a good price, but noticed it on eBay for 35 quid delivered. My B&M never has any of these deals anyway.…t=0
£39.99 is how much it costs to run it for an hr.
Pretty close to 39.99p during the day on my eco7 tariff!
Don't bother got one a few years back have to stand on top of it to get any heat.
These are awful. I bought one for work and it was a compete and utter waste of money
Bought last week , taken back 5 days later , it looks the business , but wouldn't even heat a room 6m x 4m . Bought a dimplex one 3000w for £25 and is far superior
Son: Mum there's a fire in the garage!
Mum: Good my plan is working
looks powerful but honestly diabolically rubbish. bought one for work and absolutely useless. don't waste your money!
It's crap. Maybe useful for a small room but that's it.
we have one of these at work and to be honest it is shi*.

unless turned right up it cuts out very easily the knob has to be stuck in with bluetack to keep it running. as the knob pops in and out as part of its thermostat and it wears out quick.

just warning anyone thinking of getting one of these go buy an oil filled rad instead if you have any sense with a built in digital stat

these heaters are pony
they blow hot for a bit then the thermostat kicks in it just blows cold at you
Bought one of these and took it back, extremely noisy
How did this ever get hot . Worst reviews ever and even comments from 8 people on here saying how rubbish it is . People must just be click happy . Idiots
Absolute rubbish. Barely puts any worthwhile heat out. Would take it back if the packaging hadn't been thrown out.
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