belgian ale gift pack £7.99 at lidl

belgian ale gift pack £7.99 at lidl

LocalFound 10th Jun 2016
6x 33cl bottles.7% -10.5% strength.
no idea if these are good but hubby is happy with them.
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I got some today. Bargain at £1.30 odd a bottle. Nearly all of them are rated highly on ratebeer too.
just having one now watching footy 10,5% not too heavy
looks good
thats a bargin. have some heat. theres some top beers in this set
This is a great find for beer lovers, top quality beers although very strong.i wouldn't advise drinking them all in one night!
good find op, heat added
Can anyone confirm what beers are included please?

Can anyone confirm what beers are included please?

Here in Wolverhampton the 2 Augustin ones had been replaced with 2 Bornem, a dubbel (so so) and a tripel. (quite nice)
Are these in all stores?

Are these in all stores?

its part of the fathers day promo so i would expect so.

Can anyone confirm what beers are included please?

i've posted a photo of what was in the box.hth

Are these in all stores?

Yeah I saw them in roker Sunderland lidl yesterday. I was looking for the plum porter which had sold but ended up with the shepherd neames double stout at 1.25 a bottle

This is a great find for beer lovers, top quality beers although very … This is a great find for beer lovers, top quality beers although very strong.i wouldn't advise drinking them all in one night!

Light weight !!
Heres a better pic of the pack they have
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Can anyone confirm what beers are included please?

Beer double fermentation "Piraat" - a unique Belgian ale world-class, high-density and strength. Perfectly balanced, harmonious taste of beer "Pirate" is so complex and rich that every mouthful brings new associations.
"Gulden Draak" ("Golden Dragon") - an exclusive dark Tripel with excellent, complex flavor with hints of caramel, roasted malt and coffee. Like other special beers Van Steenberge, "Golden Dragon" is produced by secondary fermentation. One feature of the production is used in the fermentation process of wine yeast, which also contributes to the excellent taste of beer.
"Leute" Bokbier - very bock double fermentation with a fragrant, full and smooth taste.
"Augustijn" Blonde - Light strong ale, history of which started in 1295. Beer recipe developed by Augustinian monks of the monastery in the city of Ghent.
"Augustijn" Brune - dark ale, which has an excellent balance between aroma, taste and aftertaste. Beer "Augustijn" Brune not sweet like many dark ales, and only slightly sweet.
"Augustijn" Grand Cru - one of the best varieties of Van Steenberge, strong "triple" El double fermentation, with a full taste with a fruity, spicy and malty tones and beautiful long hoppy aftertaste.
Was going to post this ha. Absolute bargain for these beers and at these strengths. I dread to think how much this box would cost if we had minimum unit pricing! If I recall correctly, gulden draak for example is usually about £3.50 to buy from a shop.

Contents are:

Gulden draak - 10.5%
Gulden draak 9000 quadruple - 10.7%
Bornem double - 8%
Bornem triple - 9%
Piraat - 10.5%
Piraat triple hop - 10.5%

Lidl also sell Bornem blonde (6%) for about £1.49 I think.

I am definitely going to snap a couple of these up.

Smoking hot! Some excellent beers included, especially Gulden Draak which is a firm fav of mine, often buy a crate from Beers of Europe, however this pack works out much cheaper. Thanks!
I picked up a couple of packs that will be my Father's Day present sorted.

Interestingly the link is now taking you to the black pack with the Augustijn beers rather than the white pack with the stronger & Bornem beers that I grabbed yesterday.

Will pop back to Lidl next week & see what they have in store.
None in my local :-(
Picked up a couple of boxes this morning. Initially I checked the beer section and couldn't find them, but after a walk around the store they were somewhere else in a special offers section. So worth a look around if they don't seem to be in stock at your nearby store.

This is the box they had:
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same here. i managed to grab some this morning and they were on a different isle away from the wine/beer/spirit isle. so look around the store. there really are a good buy.
loads in cathays cardiff. only got one lot as these are strong! amazing value. nice one op!
Loads in Kirkcaldy. It was the white box in the OP that they had. A great selection of beers for a fantastic price.
Gulden draak has to be my favourite beer! Amazing price.
none in York, all sold
None in Leamington Spa either.

However, did pick up some Herold - lovely dunkel type beer that Wetherspoons used to sell many years ago. Lovely stuff at £1.25 a bottle, so wasn't a wasted trip.
Great deal. Knabbed the last 2 boxes from Queensferry.
Got a couple from the Lidl in Arnold (Nottingham) yesterday. They had quite a few boxes left.
like a Belgian alternatives to UKs Tennants super / Skol Special / Kestrell pack

looks good lol
A fantastic deal, I usually buy direct from Belgium, this is the best deal I have seen in the UK on Belgium beer.
2 bottles of the Gulden Draak usually costs in the region of the £7 alone.
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Excellent deal. Just bought at Aberdeen - Lang Stracht. I had to ask and the guy got a box out the back. Feels like time is running out.
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Grabbed a box in Pickering, about a dozen left this lunchtime

BBE April 2018 but will last much longer. Tempted to clear the lot!
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Got 3 boxes from 2 different stores, fantastic deal for Belgian beer.
Still out there got one of 3 packs from Devizes store today, thanks OP. Had 2 tonight the Gulden Drak was superb, back tomorrow to find the last packs ...rotfl :-)
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