Belkin 200Mbps Powerline AV Network Adapter @ Currys - £24.99

Belkin 200Mbps Powerline AV Network Adapter @ Currys - £24.99

Found 23rd Aug 2010
Saw this in Currys in Maidstone.....only had one left.

Asked if there more available at other stores, so he searched locally for me, and there was one left at both the Folkestone and Ashford stores.

Can't find it on the website though....but the deal is also in PC World.
It's on the website but says not available for collection or home delivery....and looks slightly different to the one I got, but seems to have the same specs


Save a total of £85.00

Was £109.99


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Also PC World have a gigabit one for £34.99, £60 off

PC World link
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cheers, will try and get one of these tomorow!

In my view there not worth it i have both the 200mb and 1gb and there both rubbish there speeds are rubbish when i got em i paid £80 for the 200mb and £130 for the 1gb there good if you just want to browse the net or read emails but there no good for streaming.

lmfao @ "was £109.99"

Both of the pairs of homeplugs i've bought so far were around the ~£50 mark, so £25 for a single powerline is a good price - especially if you are after just a single!

Regarding streaming - I have no problem streaming 1080p high bitrate bluray rips over my 200Mbps homeplug link, I doubt powerline is any different in terms of reliability.

Just make sure you aren't going through any 4-way's or power extender cables.

at least one left at south shields 0194

None avaliable on either PC Worlds or Currys website
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