Belkin AV21000-06 Component Video Cable 6FT Only £7.49 (70% off!) + up to 6% Quidco!
Belkin AV21000-06 Component Video Cable 6FT Only £7.49 (70% off!) + up to 6% Quidco!

Belkin AV21000-06 Component Video Cable 6FT Only £7.49 (70% off!) + up to 6% Quidco!

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Using advanced engineering methods and the highest-quality materials PureAV Component Video Cables isolate your signal from interference to deliver brighter more accurate colors and sharper detail from your components. The ideal solution for HDTV and progressive-scan DVD players Component Video separates color into its primary components using three cables to transmit three distinct signals. This provides brighter more accurate colors and sharper detail exceeding the performance of Composite and S-Video.

The Purest Picture

# Improves clarity with superior-grade 99.99%-purity solid-copper conductors
# Maintains signal integrity and 75-Ohm impedance using precision-formulated nitrogen-injected dielectric
# Creates precise contact and increased durability with a split-tip center pin and 6-cut corrosion-resistant 24k gold RCA connectors
# Delivers maximum bandwidth with 75-Ohm coaxial construction
# Provides maximum isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with double-shielded construction
# Isolates signal from noise with 100%-coverage aluminum/Mylar foil shield
# Creates a second layer of protection with tinned copper-braided shielding
# Eliminates the corrosion that is common in bare copper-braided shielding

PLEASE NOTE: Ignore the pic on website, this is incorrect but I assure you it is the component cable (picked one up from the store yesterday).


Great stuff, picked one up today. Best to go and pick it yourself and take it straight to till with your printed sheet, as guy there was trying to offload me an altogether different cable!

Original Poster

yep had the same problem here! In the end I had to leave that store as they had no clue what they were talking about plus they didn't have any in stock anyways even though it confirmed so online.

Went to another store, picked up last one and took straight to the checkout, no problem.

Great deal but PC World has to be the worst store of all time. Last time I tried to purchase an xbox 360 deal, took four people 35 mins to try to work out how to ring it through the till (something about wrong code)! Jokers!

I don't want to sound negative about this deal but PC World has been selling these at this price for well over a year now. I know because I bought one at the time. It's not a bad cable for £7.49, but I doubt anybody in their right mind would ever have paid the full price for it.

I have to admit that my experience of using PC World's collect in store facility has been mixed. In general the item has been waiting for me, but not always. However, given how much cheaper the prices often are than the shop price, I am amazed that anybody does anything else.

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I done plenty of research in order to puchase a budget av cable and time after time I was recommended to get this one. Complied a price list from a number of online retailers with prices ranging from £15 to around £25 and therefore felt the PC World price was an excellent bargain. Offer may have been around a long time but I have only just found it.

You would be suprised what prices people pay in store, the markup is incrediable but some people don't know any different.
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