Posted 28 February 2023

BELKIN F7U081btBLK Dual USB Type-C Audio and Charge Adapter (Supporting Up To 60W Charging) - £5.97 Free Collection @ Currys

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Another quid off, I'm collecting one now, no need for one however

Listen to music and charge your phone at the same time with the Belkin F7U081btBLK Dual USB Type-C Audio and Charge Adapter.

Featuring two USB-C ports, it lets you enjoy your playlists without draining your battery. Or you can use both ports to charge two phones at once.

CONNECT™ USB-C™ Audio + Charge Adapter


There's no need to switch between charging or streaming audio. You can listen to music without draining your battery or charge while you take calls, all from one USB-C port.

Pass-through power of up to 60W means your device gets a charge while in use. It supports fast charging for compatible devices, so they get a high-speed power boost.

A compact solution for charge and audio, this USB-C adapter is perfect when you're on the go. Plus, each port will work for either charging or listening, so there's no need to check which one to use. Just connect and you're all set.

At a Glance:

  • Audio and power from a single USB-C port
  • Supports fast charging up to 60W
  • Charge or listen from either USB-C adapter port
  • 2-year warranty

  • Length: 140mm/5.5"
  • Width: 33mm/1.3"
  • Height: 10.5mm/0.4"

Package Includes:
USB-C Audio + Charge Adapter

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  1. sharq's avatar
    Is this DAC?
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    It does have a built in DAC. See FAQ 3 under Hardware Information: belkin.com/sup…980
  2. pentaya's avatar
    Morning Switch!!!
    MrSwitch's avatar
  3. Just_Looking's avatar
    Morning, I bought this a couple of weeks ago from a post in here when it was £6.97. I collected it and it had already been opened. I commented to the sales assistant who said any problems you can bring it back. I thought OK no moving parts, what can go wrong!

    Tried it on my laptop and it didn't work. Further inspection on the box said it was for Samsung mobile phones. I took it back for a refund as it didn't fulfil my purpose, even though I have a Samsung mobile phone. (edited)
    Schizophonic's avatar
    Strange, i'm not electrical engineer but what did you try to plug in the dongle? Did you happen to try on another USB C device like a laptop or another phone to check if it was incompatible or faulty dongle?
  4. HPMan's avatar
    From Belkins website
    thunkpad's avatar
    That's not an exhaustive list - it will essentially work with (almost) any Android/iOS phone/tablet with USB C but as I mention above this is definitely NOT a USB hub for laptops - it's really only for phones/tablets and only to enable you to charge with a cable and plug in USB C headphones at the same time. It won't enable to use two USB devices, it won't enable you to use two sets of USB C headphones and it won't enable you to use two chargers. It is exactly what it says on the tin - audio and charge. (edited)
  5. watzeee's avatar
    Bought this a few weeks ago for my Steam Deck to be able to charge whilst connected to a USB-C network adapter as I’m mostly streaming to the deck from my desktop PC. Both wired.

    Was unsure whether it would work, but it performs great. No warning about slow charging and the stream is much better than WiFi.

    Would buy another as a spare if it were in stock near me still!
  6. D3P0's avatar
    Will this allow an HDMI c connected and charger? As my tab s8 ultra when open with dex is pretty demanding
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