Belkin iPod Touch sports armband (Was £19.97) Now £6.49 @ Tesco

Belkin iPod Touch sports armband (Was £19.97) Now £6.49 @ Tesco

Found 20th Sep 2010

Featuring an adjustable velcro closure, this slim, lightweight and stretchable iPod Touch sports armband from Belkin is ultra-comfortable and will fit any arm sizes. It is hand washable and water resistant and features reflective material for use in the dark. Its clear screen protector allows easy navigation. Suitable for 3rd Generation iPod Touch.


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Anyone know if a 3GS will squeeze into this?

Well i have a belkin one and my iphone 3gs fits into it, but it might be a different one for the phone, not sure. Though i got mine from toys r us in the USA for a paltry dollar lol
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Out of stock

Had one of these from Currys for £4.99 the other day. Rubbish-Don't bother, save your money.

I got the one from Currys as well and I am happy with it
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im really happy with mine, works really well for me i have it strapped on my upper arm and hasnt come off once.
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