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Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 2.5K (Portable Charger Compatible) £24.99 at Amazon

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  • Compatible with MagSafe for seamless alignment and efficient charging for iPhone 14/14 Plus, 14 Pro/Pro Max, 13/13 mini, 13 Pro/Pro Max, 12/12 mini, 12 Pro/Pro Max
  • Keep using your phone while it charges; won’t block your camera; For use with Belkin and other branded MagSafe cases only
  • Pass-through charging allows you to recharge the power bank while still charging your phone; 1m USB-C to USB-C cable needed to recharge the power bank is included
  • 2500 mAh of power for a quick boost
  • LED light indicates when power bank needs recharging
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    Anyone have better recs?

    2500mAh is awful (edited)
    I would recommend this one. Really happy with mine. its currently got a £12 off voucher, so brings it down to the price i paid for it.

    "Magnetic Power Bank 10000mAh, AOGUERBE 15W Wireless Fast Charging Portable Charger, Foldable Stand Powerbank Battery Pack PD 20w & QC 22.5w USB-C Compatible For iPhone 12/13/14 Series (Black)"

    Amazon Link (edited)
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    2500mAh is tiny for a powerbank these days. this is too big and bulky for the amount of power you'll get out of it in my opinion.

    Minimum i'd get is 10,000mAh these days. You can usually get one for less than the price of this one too.
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    Surely the sell is the novel way it attaches to your phone, not the capacity...

    I can see a market for this - enough power to extend your phone battery to the end of a heavy day without having to worry about cables / alignment / not being able to use your phone as it charges.

    I think those complaining it's not 20,000mAh or only does slow charging are completely missing the purpose of this device.
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    Brick phone
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    Cheap based on reduction but reviews are mixed.

    Would be interested to hear from anybody who has this as I'm thinking of this as a top up for my daugher's iPhone 13.


    - D
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    the reviews on Amazon is not great.
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    Poor capacity and only 7.5w suuuuper slow charging. I'll stick to my usual battery bank which charges at 20w on my iPhone 14.
    Lots of people commenting on it not managing a single full charge of even the most basic iPhone.
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    iPhone 13 Pro’s battery capacity is 3095 mAh. This power bank can’t even do a full charge.
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    This is nothing. Not worth it lol
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    Reviews are not great.
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    The Anker Magsafe 521 goes down to 19.99 occasionally and is 5000mah. Picked one up recently and its excellent, so may be worth setting a 3xCamel alert on that if youre looking for a small, emergency brick