Belkin Premium 4-Port USB2.0 Tetra Hub £6.18 delivered at SVP

Belkin Premium 4-Port USB2.0 Tetra Hub £6.18 delivered at SVP

Found 6th Dec 2008
as title, this is the best price i could find, mine arrived a couple of days ago and i'm very pleased with it. beats the prices they go for on ebay (though not by enough to profit from this)

before anyone tells me you can get a 4-port usb hub in poundland etc for less, i also own one of those and this is far better. first of all it is high speed, rather than the low speed poundland equivalent. secondly, it runs off of mains power, meaning it won't drain laptop battery and will be able to power many devices (such as 4 portable hard drives...). finally, it comes with belkins lifetime guarantee


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damn, i spelt guarantee wrong...


damn, i spelt guarantee wrong...

Very good price for a powered 4 port USB 2.0 hub, voted hot...and by the way you could have edited your original post to correct your spelling :thumbsup:

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i have now done so

the last few posts i've made have been in the fs/ft forum where it's not possible to edit posts, only additions can be made. this is my excuse

looks good to me - voted hot…581

Are these stackable? Hot anyway :thumbsup:

If it's mains powered, to use it you'd have to be near a socket, meaning that you'd plug in your laptop as well, so the hub wouldn't be draining the battery anyway. Sorry, I'm just a picky ******* who can't resist being awkward. Good deal though. Hot.

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unless there was only one free socket...

i think these are stackable, there are little grooves and stuff on it that make it look so, but i only have one of them so i can't test it to be sure

forgot to mention it also works without mains power (though i haven't acually tested this)

This is going to sound geeky but:

A normal hub restricts bandwidth to the speed of the slowest device.

A tetra hub enables all devices to operate at seperate individual speeds (subject to the total throughput of the usb port)

So for that reason this is a good deal, unfortunately I seem to recall amazon reviews rating these as unreliable.

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so that's what tetra meant, i wondered but didn't research
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