Belkin TuneBase FMX Handsfree FM Transmitter For iPhone 3GS / 3G / iPod £39.99 (3yr Warranty ) delivered at Play and Quidco
Belkin TuneBase FMX Handsfree FM Transmitter For iPhone 3GS / 3G / iPod  £39.99 (3yr Warranty ) delivered at Play and Quidco

Belkin TuneBase FMX Handsfree FM Transmitter For iPhone 3GS / 3G / iPod £39.99 (3yr Warranty ) delivered at Play and Quidco

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Charge and Listen to your iPod or iPhone through your cars sound system
Connects wirelessly to your car radio by finding a clear FM station using ClearScan Technology
Hassle Free Set-up with adjustable cradle which is case compatible
Embedded Microphone allows for Safe Handsfree calling
Single Push button to control music playback and to receive / end calls
Supported Devices: All iPhone's/iPod's except iPod Shuffle. To use all of the features you need to be using an iPhone
Warranty Period: Limited 3 Year Warranty
Package Contents: TuneBase FM, Fit Ring, Cushion for iPod Nano

The Next Generation Belkin TuneBase is here and it comes packed with great features that make listening to music from your iPod or iPhone in your car the easiest it's ever been.

The Belkin F8Z441ea TuneBase FMX connects wirelessly to your cars radio using an inbuilt FM transmitter. An FM Transmitter uses FM radio waves to send sound from your iPod/iPhone to your car stereo system. Fitting your iPod/iPhone is easy; no need to remove your iPod/iPhone from its case and no need to find a specific adaptor in order to make it fit. Simply adjust the case compatible cradle up or down to securely hold your iPod/iPhone in-place. The cradle can also rotate horizontally from its vertical position, perfect if using your iPhone as a navigation device.

Finding the clearest station to tune your FM transmitter in to couldn't be easier with the Belkin F8Z441ea TuneBase FMX. Simply push the ClearScan button and the inbuilt ClearScan technology automatically scans to find the best static free FM frequency. Once a suitable station has been found it will be clearly displayed via the LED on the front of the Belkin F8Z441ea TuneBase FMX which you tune your car radio to match. Now you can listen to all your favourite music on your iPod/iPhone through your cars speakers.

Controlling music from your iPod/iPhone couldn't be simpler. Playback is controlled from the push of a single button to Pause, Play, Skip Forward and Skip Backward. This is particularly useful if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone as you have don't have to swipe the screen to unlock and control music.

For the first time the Belkin F8Z441ea TuneBase FMX includes handsfree for iPhone. The embedded microphone and single push button control allows you to receive and end calls whilst on the move. When you receive a call simply push the button once to answer the call and this will automatically interrupt your music then you will hear the callers voice through the cars sound system instead.

The integrated charger plugs in to the car's cigarette lighter socket so you needn't worry about running out of power whilst on a road trip. In addition the Belkin F8Z441ea TuneBase FMX features an extra charging port for devices that use USB, for example a Tom Tom Satellite Navigation device or a portable games console. This enables you to use these additional devices at the same time as listening to music from your iPod.

The Belkin F8Z441ea TuneBase FMX is compatible for all iPods and iPhones except iPod Shuffle and comes with a 3-Year Warranty.


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I'm looking to get an FM transmitter for use with my 80GB Classic iPod and I'm after a bit of advice.
I don't really want to spend the earth (no more than £15-20) but at the same time I don't want to end up with something that's pretty shoddy.
I used to use a cassette adaptor and was quite happy with that, but my new car only has a CD player, and who uses those nowadays ;o).
I've been looking at the Griffin I-trip and Belkin tunemaster (i think it was called), but again they either seem to get poor reviews (older models) or cost a bomb (newer models).

If any one has got any advice or views on this, I would really appreciate hearing them. If anyone knows of any good deals on at the minute, even better!
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