Belkin Universal Infrared Wireless PDA Keyboard - just £23.97 delivered !
Belkin Universal Infrared Wireless PDA Keyboard - just £23.97 delivered !

Belkin Universal Infrared Wireless PDA Keyboard - just £23.97 delivered !

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Belkin Universal Infrared Wireless PDA Keyboard - just £23.97 delivered from Amazon !!

Description: Communicate with your handheld PC without the hassle of cumbersome wires and adapters. Our Wireless PDA Keyboard uses universal dual-beam infrared technology, making it compatible with most Pocket PC devices on the market. Now you can input data quickly and conveniently anywhere and anytime. Belkin engineers designed this innovative keyboard to work with future PDA devices through driver updates so you won't have to buy another keyboard even if you update your handheld device.

Features: Quick-Start keyboard application keys * Offers generous key spacing and comfortable key travel * Provides the convenience of wireless connectivity


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This is cheapest I could find on the web so SHOULD NOT be voted cold!

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Thanks Predikuesi cheapest i could find too ..

can this work with a xda orbit?

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Check out the following link for more details :


[COLOR=darkslateblue]Compatible with most Pocket PCs and PDAs including:[/COLOR]

ASUS® Zayo A600 Pocket PC

Audiovox® 2032SP Pocket PC

Casio® E-200 Pocket PC

Dell® Axim™ X5/X3 (using Windows® Mobile 2003 Driver) series Pocket PCs

Handspring™ Visor™/Deluxe/Edge™/Prism/ Platinum/Neo™/Pro™, & Treo™ Series handhelds

HP® iPAQ™ 2215/h3600/h3700/h3800/h3900/h5400/h5500 series Pocket PCs

IBM® WorkPad c3/c50x series

MiTAC® 338 Pocket PC

O2 XDA Pocket PC

Palm™ III, IIIx, IIIe, IIIc, V, Vx, VII, VIIx, m100, m105, m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, i705, & Zire™ handhelds

Sony® CLIÉ™ S/N/T/SL/SJ/NR& TG 50 series handhelds

Toshiba® e400/e405/e800/e805 (using Windows Mobile 2003 Driver) e3100/e330/e335/ e570/e740 & 2032SP Series Pocket PCs

does anyone know if this would be compatable with the psp? (it works in homebrew mode with some ir keyboards now and whatnot)

This would also make an interesting addition to a HTPC setup - Shame I havent built mine yet A fine deal though

I have one of these that I use with my iPAQ at work. It's excellent, but the stand is a pain in the backside, so I don't use it. I bought a product called Nyditot Virtual Display, which allows you to change the resolution of the display, and flip it and what not... very useful, and it means that I can flip the display and use it as I normally would, but the IR port is now facing the keyboard for easy use and no faffing about with the stand and mirror.

I'm also pretty sure that the IR isn't strong enough to use with a media centre as it's very direction sensitive when using with a iPAQ and I'm sure pointing it in the right direction would drive you mad, plus the fold in the middle would make typing on anything other than a solid surface impossible.

Also useful to note that it's powered by batteries, so you'll need to keep spares if you travel alot. They do last well, but I make sure I remove one, or turn it round when not in use, or the battery will drain whilst you're not using it.

Hope that's useful to someone.

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Thanks for all the extra info stupot42
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