Belkin Wireless G Router (not ADSL Modem) £3 @ M&S

Belkin Wireless G Router (not ADSL Modem) £3 @ M&S

Found 1st Apr 2009
'A One-box solution to share your Internet Connection with a Laptop or PC around the Home'

No use for me, but it seems like a good deal. There were 3 left in Croydon this morning.

Reduced form £39.95 to £3.

(I've got a photo, but I'm at work, and work blocks access to photo storage sites)


Sorry but is this for BT lines or cable?

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Cable, though it would work on a BT line (ADSL) if you plugged it into an ADSL modem. (i.e. you wanted to add Wireless to a non-Wireless ADSL/Modem).

I wonder if this would work as a bridge? If so that would make it a very cheap wireless solution for the xbox.

I have one of these. They are vulnerable to signal interference from other WiFi or other RF devices nearby, causing connection to degrade or drop out, but I can put up with it, it's a really good bargain at £3.

called up and all gone now
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