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Bottomless pizza £10 per person Mon-Thurs 12-9pm @ Bella Italia
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Get together with the family and treat them to our NEWBottomless Pizza deal. For just £10 per person, you can eat as much pizza as you like, and there's a choice for everyone, eve… Read more

You have a very valid point but we also need to keep people in work and jobs too. Won't you bite the bullet and make a visit... Tip the staff too if the service is good. (the above is an assumption you don't go out of principle).


And it needed a change in law to make them do this. I did say a company with a history of it.


Went to Moto Pizza in Chelmsford, that was also bottomless. You have a light on your table, and they keep offering pizza to you as long as the light is on. Is this the same thing?


In 2015, Bella Italia amended its policy to ensure all employees are permitted to keep all tips and service charges paid in cash and are free to share their tips with colleagues if they so wish. Their employees are required to declare the income generated from cash tips to HM Revenue & Customs for tax purposes. When tips or service charges are paid for by credit card or debit card, the restaurant does take a 2.5% administration charge to cover bank fees before distributing the remainder in full to employees.[21] All restaurant employees are paid tips in addition to the National Minimum Wage. The staff at Horwich always happy unlike the staff in Liverpool.


Not valid in Scotland due to licencing laws The dirty, dirty b**tards

Bella Italia, 20% off gift cards, valid for 2 years
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Bella Italia, 20% off gift cards, valid for 2 years
Very handy if you can afford some. Valid for two years, I eat there regularly and use meerkat meals. These will make it even cheaper <3 Receive 20% off on your Gift Card purch… Read more

I used to deliver to them and to be fair on them quite a bit of the stuff is made fresh with fresh ingredients. Pasta sauces, chicken etc is all frozen and yes, plastic. Pizzas are all fresh.


You missed out the main reason! Stupid pricing for 'plastic' food.


They probably go bust before the lockdown ends, risky deal.


Yeah I know. ;)


This is not a code, it’s 20% off gift cards also valid alongside any other offer

2 Free chocolate or strawberry Pancakes on Pancake Day at Bella Italia
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Posted 20th FebPosted 20th FebLocalLocal
2 Free chocolate or strawberry Pancakes on Pancake Day at Bella ItaliaFREE£0.01
the big bella pancake giveaway It's back! This Pancake Day… Pop into your nearest Bella for 2 free pancakes and your choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce while stocks last. J… Read more

Worked out well today (strong)


Aww. Egg on ya face (horror)


Just had mine they gave me three pancakes!


Just because it doesn't have meat doesn't mean it is vegan.


You can ask. Personally though, as I’ve tried both flavours, choc is better than strawberry. But everyone has different tastes. That’s only because I ordered choc &amp; the other person I was with ordered strawberry.

50% Off Main Courses with code @ Bella Italia (Code emailed to you)
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
50% Off Main Courses with code @ Bella Italia (Code emailed to you)
The voucher can be used once, and is valid for two weeks from application on any day of the week that you choose. Prices of mains differ, but I ate there last week and enjoyed two… Read more



Not sure weather to go here for my veganuary or the pet shop


You don't have to pay the full price if you don't like, you can pay what you feel is right, and leave your address if they want to pursue the rest of the money. Notice how they ask how the food is if you pay at the end, that's your opportunity to complain otherwise you are accepting the meal is fit.


Seems overpriced and profits on Italian food are normally massive.


Voted hot for the deal, but will say it's horrible service (this was Ashton-under-Lyne). Arrived at 7pm with a party of 10, they took their sweet time with our orders, when the meals eventually arrived they were bland and underwhelming (altho the mushroom risotto was good)... took the waitress 4 attempts to get the bill right, the place was closing by the time we left. Never again.

Bottomless Pizza £15pp @ Bella Italia
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Bottomless Pizza £15pp @ Bella Italia£15
Saw this while browsing their menu. Available everyday from 12noon, except Friday and Saturday 12-5pm You can add bottomless Prosecco for another £15pp

Gordon Ramsay street pizza have bottomless pizza for £15 if you're in London


Great way to help with obesity


£15 could buy 2 large Domino pizza. Could you eat this much in 2 hours? Should you?


Everyone on the table must go bottomless..... (cheeky)


I have bottomless pizza while watching topless darts

Free Black Gelato @ Bella Italia if you dress as a witch, warlock or wizard.
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Posted 31st Oct 2019Posted 31st Oct 2019LocalLocal
Free Black Gelato @ Bella Italia if you dress as a witch, warlock or wizard.
IT’S HAPPENING! We’ve created a monster - but this monster is cold, dark and devilishly delicious – available today only, sink your fangs into our limited edition BLACK GELATO comp… Read more

Excellent. Thank you. (y)


I will not say anything derogatory. I will not. Ice cream is ice cream. And I would eat it.


I agree. Italian Gelato is delicious. Thank you for your feedback :) Plus welcome to HUKD. (highfive)


Iced Gelato is best. Comes in 3.5's or 7g's


Indeed. That is a shame. I wish they could extend the offer? I suspect you could call them to see if they’ll honour the deal tomorrow? Telephone number for Bella Italia Head Office is 02071213200 Best of luck. Sincerely hope they’ll be able to honour the deal for you? (cheeky)

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Bella Italia - any pasta dish £6 - today only
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Bella Italia - any pasta dish £6 - today only£6£1040%
world pasta day We’re experts in pasta! That’s why we use a variety of shapes for different dishes. Pasta and sauce matching is a craft in Italy; one we’re passionate about! That'… Read more

The quality of the food in Bella Italia barely meets the standard of childrens food. Just shut them down.


And on Wuntu.


And wuntu.


£5 6 days a week with Virgin Red App

A free pizza if your name is Kat, Sue or Stu if not  it'll be £5 @ Bella Italia
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Posted 26th Sep 2019Posted 26th Sep 2019
A free pizza if your name is Kat, Sue or Stu if not it'll be £5 @ Bella ItaliaFREE£5
Bella Italia have a new pizza launching on Saturday Katsu Pizza. If you’re lucky enough to have the name Kat, Su(e) or Stu they'll be letting you try it for FREE this Saturday 28t… Read more
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If they each gave you a slice, then you too can enjoy the free pizza?


Yes it was normalising bullying of the LGBTQ community so I reported it. Send me a message if you want to discuss it further so we don't derail the topic


Im a guy just threw a wig on, my names sue


Its unfair if your real name is KATSU

Bella Italia £5 pizza or pasta Valid from 12 noon every Tuesday with voucher
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Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Bella Italia £5 pizza or pasta Valid from 12 noon every Tuesday with voucher£5
If you dine at Bella Italia you can get a £5 classic pizza or pasta dish (norm up to £13ish) from 12pm every Tuesday until Tue 8 Oct.

Hahaha (devil)


Yes my experience when you use voucher ( I use Virgin Red) the look you get when you present it is hideous


This deal is available on Virgin Red for far more days in a week and that app is free to download with no need to be a Virgin customer.


Only the cheapest stuff is 5 the rest is 7 or higher so it’s actually not that good of a deal, really disappointed and seems like false advertising too


But the deal is good.

Bella Italia 40% off mains.
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Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Bella Italia 40% off mains.
40% off main meals at Bella Italia and 40% off click and collect mains, not sure if this is nationwide but worth a check. Valid everyday except Saturday until June 30th.

Free Pint too for us Dads!



I’m curious to see if they honour it on Father’s Day. There’s nothing in the t &amp; c’s saying it’s not valid on that day


I must admit, I've never had a bad meal there. The Lasagne really is something special.


I was walking past Bella Italia in Cov last week and the waiter there was handing out a few samples ... not sure what they were called but they were like pastries (one with ham and one with mushrooms), the mushroom one was absolutely amazing! #JustSaying

Celebrate Fathers Day with a Free Pint with  a main course order @ Bella Italia
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Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
Celebrate Fathers Day with a Free Pint with a main course order @ Bella Italia
Show your Papa how much you love him - book with us at Bella this Father’s Day and all Dads can enjoy a free pint – plus it’s the perfect chance to try our new menu featuring inc… Read more

Cold. Other places are offering entire meals free.


Pint of Beer... how very Italian :|

Kids Eat For £1 at Bella Italia
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Posted 20th Apr 2019Posted 20th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Kids Eat For £1 at Bella Italia
Excuses Saturdays!

Gonna get 2-4-1 meerkat on a Sunday... so buy one get one free for the 2 adults and £1 each for the kids - boom!


As amazing of a loophole that would be, the terms and conditions do state a child gets a 3 course meal and drink for £1 for every full priced adult meal (lol)


Going to send my 3 in on Mondaywith £3. I’m going to wait in the car park and look through the window ...

Bella Italia £5 -pasta-or-pizza-on-tuesdays
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Posted 12th Mar 2019Posted 12th Mar 2019
Bella Italia £5 -pasta-or-pizza-on-tuesdays£5
Pasta or pizza for £5 via the website for code, until 26/3/19
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Yes, but I don't think they will offer free anymore. (annoyed)


Used to be free! :S


£5 too much!! I only go when it's £3!! :D


On the Wuntu app for £3 this week


This is on every day through Wuntu, £5 is about the right price as that's what they're worth

The Big Bella pancake give away! Free pancakes (No purchase necessary) 5th March @ Bella Italia
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Refreshed 4th Mar 2019Refreshed 4th Mar 2019
The Big Bella pancake give away! Free pancakes (No purchase necessary) 5th March @ Bella ItaliaFREE£0.01
Just quote “Big Bellas pancake giveaway”to the waiter to claim your free pancakes no purchase necessary!



Can't say I've heard of cafe rough ... (cheeky)


They were the perfect dessert to my lunch. Sooo tasty! Thanks OP


Thanks Op and Bella Italia :D


Sitting in Merton Bella now and just had the pancakes and machiatta. Small pancakes, small drink, but nice window seat.

Beckton- Valentine Special @ Bella Italia - 3 Courses for £19.99
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Posted 7th Feb 2019Posted 7th Feb 2019LocalLocal
Beckton- Valentine Special @ Bella Italia - 3 Courses for £19.99£19.99£51.9962%
Just visited this restaurant and found this amazing valentine deal. Comparing with the local other restaurant very cheap and good quality food and service. They also served Halal c… Read more
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What happened to the wuntu vouchers?


No but u can use a bella italia giftcard bought from tesco


great find heat added, saving a few few more quid on the day cheers


For a penny more, I could also feed the Mrs at Wetherspoons. But pennies make pounds, right?


Just confirmed not accepting with Tesco voucher.

Free soft drink + 50% off mains @ Bella Italia via Sweatcoin
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Posted 6th Feb 2019Posted 6th Feb 2019
Free soft drink + 50% off mains @ Bella Italia via Sweatcoin
Slightly better than Wuntu previous offers as this also includes a free mocktail or soft drink. Available from today on Sweatcoins.

If you force-stop the app when you don't want it to register steps you can stop the battery drain. (y)


Thanks. Will give it a try. I was worried about the battery drain so good to hear you haven't found that to be a problem.


Not that I'm aware. There are some high value offers (£1000 cash) which obviously will take a long time to achieve. I've got about 300 SWC after a few months of casual walking and am saving up for a decent offer.


Are the offers attainable? The reviews seem to indicate they are never attainable as the app cheats and won't record accurate distance. I am also concerned about the reviews which said that it drains your phone battery like no tomorrow. Have you had issue with the power drain?


I've been using it for a while, bit spent any Sweatcoins yet

Bella Italia 50% off mains until 8th Feb
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Posted 30th Jan 2019Posted 30th Jan 2019
Bella Italia 50% off mains until 8th Feb
Get 50% off main meals by going online, registering your email and then a code with be sent to your inbox. Terms and Conditions • Valid from 12 noon every day until 1s… Read more

Amazing! (y)


Using it at the mo in Argyll street London,thanks!!


I won’t even go back with any form of discount as my husband got food poising for a week once after we ate at Bella Italia, it’s put me off all those types of places.


Does anyone pay anywhere near full price in this place anymore? Tells you everything about how they price up the meals when they pretty much always have 50%.


I’ve just updated the link, should work now? :)

2 FREE Bottles Of Coke @ Bella Italia
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Posted 23rd Jan 2019Posted 23rd Jan 2019
2 FREE Bottles Of Coke @ Bella ItaliaFREE£5.98
Bella Italia have teamed up with Sweatcoin to give you freebie finders the chance to enjoy two FREE drinks! Plus you'll be entered for the chance to win 30,000 sweatcoins which can… Read more
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No idea :/


So can we??


Can we use wuntu offer alongside this


It's not worth having to eat there tbh


I would've thought it includes Diet &amp; Zero. Also, I had to check the menu to see if a Coke was really £2.99 and yeah it is! (shock)

Food Offers at Bella Italia - Kids Eat for £1 (3 courses & Drink) / 50% Off Main Meals  2 for 1 Breakfasts and more
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Posted 19th Jan 2019Posted 19th Jan 2019
Food Offers at Bella Italia - Kids Eat for £1 (3 courses & Drink) / 50% Off Main Meals 2 for 1 Breakfasts and more
I love heading out for a bite to eat with the kids, but it can be costly, so always up for saving a bit of a cash and getting the best offer. Bella have some decent deals on righ… Read more

The only way Bella can stay afloat is these constant promotions and discounts to get bodies through the door. No ones willing to pay a tenner for a bowl of pasta anymore. The calzone is good but the burgers are too airy fairy fluffy for me and don't even touch the sides. Frankly and Bennies are going the same way along with Ask.


We ate at Bella Italia last night (Sat.) using a 50% off mains voucher - such discounts are unusual for Saturdays! Bella's menu has changed a fair bit since we last ate there. I can certainly recommend the new risotto with scallops and the garlic &amp; chilli king prawns starter - delicious! :) The others in my party enjoyed their meals too.


I've never had a Bella breakfast before, can anyone recommend? Also are coffee refills free or not? Thanks :)

Bella Italia 50% off main courses voucher plus free Mocktail with sweatcoins app
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Posted 13th Jan 2019Posted 13th Jan 2019
Bella Italia 50% off main courses voucher plus free Mocktail with sweatcoins app
So folk here’s a link to get a 50% off voucher for Bella Italia Plus for those folks wi… Read more
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