Bells Whisky 1Litre,  Smirnoff 1 Litre Vodka and 1 Litre Gordons Gin £11 @ Morrisons

Bells Whisky 1Litre, Smirnoff 1 Litre Vodka and 1 Litre Gordons Gin £11 @ Morrisons

Found 27th Nov 2008
On the grapevine Morrisons are selling the Bells Whisky, Smirnoff Vodka and Gordons Gins for £11 starting today, I think the offer only is on till Sunday. These are normally limited per customer.
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I believe the price is £11 if the advert I heard on the radio this morning was anything to go by. And it's limited to 3 per customer too.

Oh, and I believe Gordon's Gin is also in the offer too, not sure on the size though.
will keep an eye out for this when im on my travels, thanks for the info
Thanks for that, I have altered deal accordingly!
As Tesco's so-called deal on these items is £13 per litre, it makes this one excellent in comparisson. Hot.
Not tryin to be pedantic, but it's Bells Whisky - not Whiskey. It's only usually 'Whiskey' if it's made in Ireland and America - Scotch is always 'Whisky'.:oops:
I did my shop this morning before seeing this and got a bottle of whisky and vodka at £11 each so brilliant...... they are still doing (a great deal) Wolf Blass wine red and white at £3.99 a bottle still as well...... not that i am an alcoholic
you can get the gordons gin at aldi4cheaper. not sure about the others
Is it the 1 litre bottle?
bacardi and smirnoff for £11 a litre in sainsburys until Sunday
I just bought 1 gin and 1 vodka.
A great deal.
nice will need to be stocking up over the weekend:thumbsup:
heat added
Got 2 Gordons today.

Was just about to post the bargain when I saw it's already here.
Def. 1 litre bottles of Gordons.
Get an extra 50p of the bottles by going to
Just register your details and they enter you into a comp and give you a printable 50p voucher
Thought this had expired last week, but Bells 1 litre still £11 this morning in Morrisons:thumbsup:. Says deal ends Sunday
Hi Just seen Teacher's Whisky is 1 litre at Morrisons
Website says
Save £5
Was £17.57

Might buy a bottle for my dad!
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