Belvedere Vodka  £23.98 @ Costco

Belvedere Vodka £23.98 @ Costco

Found 27th Apr 2016
Costco currently have £3 (pre VAT price) off Belvedere Vodka - 70cl

Price posted includes VAT

Currently £36 a bottle in Tesco

Did a quick search and didn't see this, apologies if it has been posted already.
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I did a bit of reading about Belvedere, Grey Goose and Costco's own Kirkland Signature vodka.

Surprisingly, the Kirkland Signature vodka (five times distilled) gets great reviews!…se/ There's rumours it's the same as Grey Goose, but I doubt it (apparently you go for the one that says "Made In France", not USA).

So, this one
Not this one

Grey Goose vs Kirkland…Z-I *he is actually reviewing the US Kirkland Signature vodka, but still a good review!
Can't seem to see any taste tests of Belvedere vs Kirkland Signature, though..

I got Belvedere 70cl (007 edition bottle) for £23.49 via Amazon before Xmas, but of course you'd need the time machine again...

Even their Agave (Tequila Silver) seems to get good reviews..…tml (click "Reviews" tab) and

Edit: Not sure if it applies to the UK (?) but apparently you can buy booze without a Costco membership?…hip
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I managed to get a 007 bottle before Christmas from my local Tesco for £23. They seemed to be selling it off.

I might have to try the Kirkland vodka, purely research purposes of course.

You can keep the tequila, no matter who makes it I find it undrinkable.
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