Belvita  Breakfast Biscuits - All Varieties  £1 @ Asda

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits - All Varieties £1 @ Asda

Found 6th Dec 2012
Not sure if this deal is nationwide but I picked up two boxes of the milk and cereal biscuits for £1 each. Not available online yet. Hopefully everyone else can find this.

I realise this was posted a month or two ago but it did expire.

As should this...
- Nettle_Warrior


Heat for this

Have been this price for a few weeks I think, bargain compared to Tesco etc...even cheaper than Home & bargains!
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It's Asda's "turn" this week!

Im done with these, low nutrition, high in sugar.

They are a pretty stupid thing to eat for breakfast. A snack maybe, but not to replace such an important meal. Very lazy too.

I really like these, I'm terrible for not eating in the morning so if I've got these in ill eat them with my coffee, I know it's not the healthiest thing to do, but not the worst either
Hot from me x

Not good for dunking

ah damn mum just left asda, i could have asked her for some

15% sugar indeed!


15% sugar indeed!

Is it wrong that I consider that to be low? oO

Got some from Asda, and they were 2.49£...

Hmm.. love these, good if you miss breakfast

Ok, I'm finally going to,try these lol

Will definitely be stocking up. Thanks!

There was a comparison done between these and digestive biscuits a little while ago... Digestive biscuits are actually more nutritious with less sugar!!!

yummy i love these ;o)

£2.49 in my Asda in Bishop Auckland...

£2.49 in my local Asda an hour ago
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