Belvita Breakfast/Honey Nuts biscuits.£1.44 @co-op

Belvita Breakfast/Honey Nuts biscuits.£1.44 @co-op

Found 30th Apr 2013
excluding yoghurt ones. great for in the morning when your rushing. worth £1.44
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Yogurt variety on offer for £1.34 from tesco from tomorrow if you prefer them
hmmm! seen them at asda for one pound.
do thin people eat these?

do thin people eat these?

No, generally fat lasses have them for brekkers when they arrive at the office in the morning.

Unbeknownst to everyone else though, they've usually scoffed a couple of mcmuffins on the way in.
Ah these are the new Diet Coke with a Kebab to fool chubbers into thinking they are on a diet. No tubby, you need to cut out the rest of the crap to lose weight, not just eat these.

The yoghurt ones are tasty though.
Without looking, I'd wager these have more sugar in them that a king size mars bar
30p digestive biscuits share the same nutritional information.
Kraft shares the secret recipe at the bottom of their website: "Enjoy Belvita as part of a balanced breakfast i.e. with a portion of fruit [...]".

Most fruit has plenty fibre and low glycemic index.
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