Ben 10 5" RARE figures available NOW at £4.50 with Free delivery! Be V quick
Ben 10 5" RARE figures available NOW at £4.50 with Free delivery! Be V quick

Ben 10 5" RARE figures available NOW at £4.50 with Free delivery! Be V quick

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After searching for many many hours looking for the latest Ben 10 action figure toys, and being very tempted to pay the £8 to £16 + delivery costs that some Ebayers were charging for the extremely hard to find figures I managed to find a DVD/CD store selling them.
101cd.com mainly sells Music and films merchandise but (if your quick) you'll get:

Metamorfigure - Greymatter!! (sold for upto £16 recently on Ebay)
10cm Wildvine
10cm Upchuck
10cm Petrosapien Bounty Hunter
10cm Ben Tennyson

....all at £4.50 with free delivery - I believe it's also 6% back with Quido too.

Like I've said, it's near impossible to buy some of these (especially at £4.50) and worth getting them now before they sell out.

Please, please don't buy in bulk as I'm sure many parents are struggling to get a hold of these.

I ordered them a couple of days ago and have had confirmation of dispatch - so they have got them!



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..Also, if you're looking for "BenWolf", you can now get him for £6.95 at John Lewis .....now with Free delivery - see todays John Lewis post.

This is yet another figure which is hard to get but at an acceptable price.


They had all these in my local Toys r Us when i was there this morning.

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[SIZE=2]Not available at Toys R Us online though :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

A few in stock here prices from £4 and p&p £2.50 for under £15 order.....you can email them for stock updates too....i've never even heard of these......but my son has



Amazon have some of these (]Diamondhead, Vilgax, possibly others) in stock still for £4. They had loads last week at this price.


They also have the voice changer and alien eyes set for £14.99 delivered (]link here).

Edit: Only 5 left, so if you want one be quick!


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Just to clarify:

It's very similar to the Doctor Who action figures.....there are ones which are quite easy to get a hold of ie Cyberman and thoughs which get sold out straight away and you'll find them much harder to find.

(You may have noticed the Dr Who Series 3 figures just came out 3-4 days ago - with some lines already being difficlut to get.)

Put a search into Google products, pricerunner and the like and try and find the Ben 10 action figure "GreyMatter" for £4.00 - You can't.

Take a look on Ebay and you'll see which ones are rare - these are "normally" the ones the kids want. Ask your kids which action figures they're after this year. All the kids at my sons school want Ben 10 stuff.

Bandai, is a good starting point but as you'll clearly see from their:

Wildmut - out of stock
Ghostfreak - out of stock
Upchuck - out of stock
Cannonbolt - out of stock
Upgrade - out of stock
Greymatter - out of stock

.....like many many other retailers.

It's easy to say "there were loads in stock last week" - I can guarantee there wasn't "loads" because I've had a hell of a time finding these bloody things at a good price. :-)

However, if you (your kids) want the action figures from Series 1 - you'll get them from quite a few online and offline stores.

If they want the latest ones go to the site above.


Hi Chris,

I have had a hard time getting these too. I have eventually got them all after hours and hours of internet searching and regular visits to local stores. I couldn't get them all at the small size though so my son will probably tell me that greymatter should be the smallest, when in our case he is the biggest and most expensive!! I did give in and bought ghostfreak from ebay though.

There is a store about 40 miles away from me that had quite a few of these figures in but I already had them. My local Woolworths get a few too but never those that are hard to find.

I have seen quite a lot of Vilgax, Bounty Hunter, Ben 10, XLR8, Heatblast and Ripjaws but there are also a lot of parents trying to get them.

If I can be of any help in getting you them though, PM me.

From what I can see a lot of these including greymatter are £10.99 on site?
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