Ben 10 Season 2 Download 97p @Tesco Entertainment

Ben 10 Season 2 Download 97p @Tesco Entertainment

Found 15th Feb 2010
Season 1 also available for 97p


cant seem to buy on that page but can from this ]one


edit: not buying this, but why's it expired?

Running time - 30 minutes. A bit short for a full season. Can someone who's actually bought it confirm that it's the full season please.

Amazon has it down as 324 minutes for season 1 and 298 for season 2!

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Why expired????

If I D/L it, can I burn it to a DVD?


Is this the full season or just 1 episode?

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Don't know.

It does say the complete Ben 10 season 2 but also state run time of 30 mins.

For £1.94 I thought I thought I'd give it a try but can't get anything to download! It's not inspiring me to buy anything else from Tesco Entertainment - has anybody else successfully downloaded anything from them?

Looks like one program?

Pressing the buy buttons now just gives a pop-up saying that it's not available to buy at this time.

In fact every item thows up the pop up...

Sorry this item is unavailable to order at this time.

...or at least it does for me.

It's an error on the website. After 3 emails to Tesco support and having my time wasted checking McAfee settings I finally got this:

"I have checked the details of the file for you and can confirm that there is a fault. This has been escalated to the relevant department and should be resolved shortly.
I have arranged for an immediate refund to be processed to your stored payment card, please allow three to five working days for this amount to show in your account."

[COLOR=black][FONT='Century Gothic']Any update on this because I ordered a few days ago eventually and I’ve just logged in to check the status on a different order and it says I’ve got 4 licences to download them, but I’m in work at moment so cant see whether they are 1 episode or the full season, I’m guessing its only 1 episode, in which case I might ask them for a refund seeing as they are selling it as the season[/FONT][/COLOR]
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