Ben and Holy's Little Kingdom Duvet Set £12.99 @ + Quidco

Ben and Holy's Little Kingdom Duvet Set £12.99 @ + Quidco

Found 20th Dec 2010
I've been looking at this for a while now, but couldn't find it under £18 most times post is on top of that price!

Too late for Christmas, probably even Jan knowing Plays' delivery times but hey it's the cheapest and has quidco!
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thanks just ordered for my little girl who loves ben elf!
No probs, it's still a little pricey but the kids love it and those colours look so vibrant - just hope it washes well.

I think this also sells for about a tenner used on eBay so 3 quid more for new, delivered and Quidco makes more sense to me.
my boys love this, many thanks!
price comes up as 17.99...sound like expired
Shame, I don't get these deals a couple of hours at a certain price etc.

Oh well glad to have helped some folks.
They delivered a laptop pouch, GREAT!
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