Ben & Jerrys - Blondie Brownie 500ML - Ice Cream - £1.13 @ Sainsbury's

Ben & Jerrys - Blondie Brownie 500ML - Ice Cream - £1.13 @ Sainsbury's

Found 12th Dec 2013
Pic in first post...

£1.13 a bargain surely?
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Nice bargain thanks
NOTE: they were in stock but at the back of the shelving. [Cwmbran Sainsbury's]
Wow, that is cheap.... nice find!
that is the cheapest I saw any of those ice creams. Nice
blimey!!! Off to sainsburys I go!!!
I bought one yesterday for £2.24
Amazing price! Do I give an ice cream deal heat...?! X)
nom nom
Here have some heat and some melted ice cream.
Super cheap.
Really not a fan of this flavour, but great price.
Heavenly price it must be said!
Not tried that one, might be time to rectify that!
not kneen on any of the core ben & jerrys but good price, Hot
so nice... so unhealthy.

Hot but I am banned from such treats ( )
ben and jerrys!

so nice... so unhealthy.Hot but I am banned from such treats ( )

Bah humbug.
Come onnnnnnnnnn, It's Christmassss!
Ah man why can't I have a sainsburys nearby, that's the best ice cream EVER!!!
good find
Wow, nice price!
Love the real thing, hope the ice-cream is just as good!
time to pay a visit
That is el'cheapo! Great Find. I don't know anyone who actually pays 4.50 for a tub of this!
will it be national??oO
Definite bargain, will be making a detour via Sainsburys on my way home! Heat added.
Thanks OP, will try to hunt this down later!
love Ben and jerry's , but i find the core is a bit two rich and bitter tasting :-(

cookie dough, brownie and peanut butter cup are to die for , mmmmm nom, nom ,nom

No you can't have none :-P

Thanks for the silver flamedeer x i'll let you share mine now :-P season of good will and all

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Hot hot hot !!!
I wish B&J would do a core flavour that didn't include chocolate ice cream as I'm not a fan... either way, this is an awesome deal so heat added. Thanks OP!
Can anyone confirm if national? Might pop to mine because I adore Ben and Jerrys!
Naughty but nice. :-P
This is the best flavour in the core range IMO, I really didn't like the chocolate cores. I picked up the peanut butter me up in my local Sainsbury's last week for the same price.
I wonder how many stores have it at the reduced price either £2.12 or £1.13? ONLINE £4.50…380
I posted this at the weekend - glad it's still going on.

Why isn't my deal over 500 degrees? I just want the badge
off to sainsburys
dont like B&J. haagen daazs is much nicer
nice find
its COLD stuff!
i meant HOT deal
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