Ben & Jerry's Blueberry cheesecake froyo (Fulton's Foods) £1

Ben & Jerry's Blueberry cheesecake froyo (Fulton's Foods) £1

Found 18th Jul 2016
Found in Sheffield, then checked the one in Long Eaton (as bringing it home from work without melting would be 'challenging'). It was there too so I bought 5.

It tastes amazing, as does most Ben & Jerry's, and is exceptionally cheap. If you live local to a store it is worth a trip!
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Lucky I don`t have a Fultons near me oO

Nice find
yeah got some the other day it's yummy, I'm sure mine was from Herons though so that's worth a check too
This looks delicious! Omg, this weather tho- today, I'd need to buy it and be home within 3 minutes! Have some heat for the deal op
which sheffield store?

which sheffield store?

The one near Ponds Forge (Angel Street it might be called? I forget the street names)
Also in Leeds.
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