Ben & Jerry's buy one get one free £3.99 @ Sainsburys
Ben & Jerry's buy one get one free £3.99 @ Sainsburys

Ben & Jerry's buy one get one free £3.99 @ Sainsburys

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For delivery by: 11/11/2009

Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Macademia Nut 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Half Baked 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Frozen Yogurt 500ml
Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream 500ml



Mmmmm, that's pretty darn hot.

cold - only £1.90 at Morrisons and no need to buy 2 :thumbsup:


cold - only £1.90 at Morrisons and no need to buy 2 :thumbsup:

Hot if no Morrison's nearby, like me :thumbsup:

Cold - Again the £1.90 deal @ Morrisons is better...

Aye.The Morrisons one comes up trumps, but thats the thing about Sainsburys. They open a shop where there isnt a supermarket nearby. Like Darwen. Its a good deal if you dont have one nearby, but if you do, go Morrisons.

There are no Morrisons in N. Ireland, so hot here.

Hot from me, Sainsbury's closer to where I live, so :thumbsup:fuel saved trying to get Morrisons


cold - only £1.90 at Morrisons and no need to buy 2 :thumbsup:

The following applies to me

Nearest Sainsburys:
0.3 miles
1.4 miles
1.8 miles
2.1 miles
2.2 miles

Nearest Morissons:

How can this deal possibly be cold? Just because it's not "as" hot as the Morrison's one still doesn't mean it's cold.

super hot, i get 10% discount too, so £3.60 for me and I dont have to go in scabby morrisons, I hate that shop!

Original Poster

there's no Morrisons near me either, so although the deal is better I can't take advantage of it. Also it's quite handy that it's included in online shopping if you happen to use it plus there's nectar points...negligible as they are for such a purchase!

Voted hot for the deal

But damn - its stupidly expensive for ice cream even now!

Granted you get two pots, but it's still £3.99 coming out of my back pocket

Wasnt on in my store..:o(

Hot, Morrisons is at least a 30 minute drive by the time you add in petrol time and everything this deal works out much much cheaper for me, hot.


Wasnt on in my store..:o(

It will start from tomorrow, as Tuesday night is offer changeover day :thumbsup:

wasn't in my store either - asked but they said not on offer this week.

Hands up which numpty expired the deal? :roll:


Ahhh so that's why all the tubs were placed in the "special offer freezer" last night, but no ticket (they were still packaged up in plastic wrapping). Yeah so this should be nationwide, and obviously online due to post above. Hot deal, but £3.99 is still pretty expensive. Not wure whether to buy or not though, as I've moved on from Ben & Jerry's to Haagen Dazs. Their Praline's & Cream flavour is amazing! Voted HOT.

:thumbsup::w00t: yeah, great find!

I just bought 4 of them

my sainsburys local charges £4.29, how can they up the price?? suppose its because it's a small store, but still part of the massive buying power of sainsburys.

Expired now unfortunately.
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