Ben There, Dan That - FREE
Ben There, Dan That  - FREE

Ben There, Dan That - FREE

Know this has been around a while but I was looking for some nice Laptop friendly games and came across this. You can buy part 2 on Steam if you like this. For free what you got to lose?

-Very funny point and click adventure (just dont expect any cutting edge visuals or sound...).
-You can probably run this on a 486.


Fun adventure game - well worth the Free price tag

Looks good to me at first glance. But I am somehow stuck on the first screen and can't move out - am I missing a trick there?


(really keen on getting started, haven't played an adventure game since Monkey Island 2 (or was there a third one? don't remember) - yes, I am old... )

EDIT: Nevermind, got it now, was a bit slow getting my brains started in the right mood. Off we go now Thanks a lot op for the link, heat and rep added!
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