Bench - Men's - Havana Club House (Navy Blue - Lightweight Jacket) £17.99

Bench - Men's - Havana Club House (Navy Blue - Lightweight Jacket) £17.99

Found 26th Sep 2007
Bench - Men's - Havana Club House (Navy Blue - Lightweight Jacket)
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Good price, thanks uklad2k and thanks for the pic too Koma Toes!

Its a pity play didnt have a proper image of the jacket ..
Shame don't have an actual picture of the jacket rather than an illustration

Might just order anyway as £17.99 is nothing for a jacket and Bench items are normally well made
Chavtastic find. +heat
good find...been looking something similar....I paid 100 quid for a bench jacket last christmas and its cracking.

ordered one...voted hot
A bit of a small pic but:
More chav bargains, voted indifferent.
Not a bad price but how the hell are people going to buy if they don't even have a decent picture of the item they are selling. That is so bad its actually shocking and I'm sure there is some law against it.

Its just called bone idle laziness on Play's parts. Takes two minutes to take a picture and upload. They have no bloody excuse. Its places like this make you regret buying stuff sometimes.
hot hot hot
Brilliant for this price I'm happy to take the risk on there not being a proper pic... bought!
Yeah, wouldn't it be easier for them to photograph the jacket instead of doing an artists impression of it?
Chavs dont wear bench.....

Well not where i live anyway...

Hot deal, ordered one !!

loads more on there..…tml
No idea where the chav comments are coming from, Bench is far from chavvy.
voted hot
depends where abouts you are located

where i am, bench is defo chavvy

it may of not spread to your areas YET lol
Very chavvy in my area too
not chavy in MK, good post, good price
Not chavy in glasgow, it tended to always be 'moshers' that wear bench. I love bench stuff anyway so voted hot
Chavvy in Leeds I would say.
Very Skater Boi down here in Wales, always has been thank god!
no chavvy here in Essex.. :whistling:

not chavy in MK, good post, good price

It's very chavy in Milton Keynes !!
Hmm, undecided!!
not too chavvy in wigan

chavvy in chesterfield though
well due to the obvious lack of photography I certainly wouldn't buy.
Thats a pressie for my old man, he tries to keep it real with the young uns!!!
looks like a horrible jacket.

like something a few decades ago.
Lonsdale is chavy, not Bench surely?
Just received the jacket....can't say im liking the look of it too much...
Hmmm.....I quite like mine.....although the creases in it are horrific and it can`t be ironed.
Just received the jacked and have to say it's aweful, this is the first item of bench I have seen that has been bad.

It was worth the chance of ordering the item as it was cheap but the should have listed a real picture as the illustration makes the jacket look a lot better than it is

Requested a returns number so I can return the jack for a refund
got mine on monday ,looked compleatly different ,absolutly ****!!
i sold it on ebay for £19.51,at least they got a propper photo/
No wonder they didn't show the image!
I am intrigued .. anyone with a pic?!
Why would anyone buy one when they haven't even seen a proper picture of it? :?
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