Bench - Men's - Murmur Album Cover (White - T-Shirt) - £4.99 Delivered (plus 6% quidco)
Bench - Men's - Murmur Album Cover (White - T-Shirt) - £4.99 Delivered (plus 6% quidco)

Bench - Men's - Murmur Album Cover (White - T-Shirt) - £4.99 Delivered (plus 6% quidco)

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Seems like a good price. Was £24.99 delivered.

* 100% Cotton
* Slim Fit
* Clean wash finish
* Photographic chest print
* Contrast inner neck tape.


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Was very tempted, but 2 of the 4 reviews seem to be suggesting the quality isn't great. Will give it a miss but thanks for the post

look hot to me, cheers mate!

just ordered 2. thanks:thumbsup:

thanks just ordered one for other half, ordered larger as it's a slim fit style.

Great Buy for the price. Thanks

great find, just ordered one, heat added

The reviews aren't very favourable, especially with regard to the size. Think I'll give this bargain a miss but thanks for posting.

just ordered one, bench t for £4.99 is a bargain, all my bench t shirts are xl and im a large so no different here.

ordered one for my son, thanks mate, heat and rep added, what you want for a fiver??? very good deal in my opinion :thumbsup: thanks for sharing it

Thanks, just ordered 2!! Can't go wrong for a fiver!!

It'll do me for a fiver! :thumbsup:

Says they still have all sizes in stock.

Aren't these a bit chav??


Aren't these a bit chav??

Don't chav only wear burberry? or sports tracksuits.


Aren't these a bit chav??

Nah, you can fit wear them as a casual t-shirt and fit it into your style with a jacket or something. But chav is more tracksuits and the bottoms tucked into there socks haha

Woops double post

Some poor reviews tho

Bench are a borderline chav brand these days. However, given that this design has colours other than the chav standards of grey, navy, white and the rarely seen black*, then I guess this item is officially not chav.
*Black items of chav clothing, are generally only worn by older, higher-status chavs who actually are "proper hard" and are unconcerned of any repercussions. A standard issue chav would be too scared to wear black in case he was labelled a "goff" or some kind of radical free-thinker and accordingly had his head kicked in by his chav compadres.

The link is not giving me an option to order.

Expired me thinks

Bench clothing has gone so down market & you can always find it on sale or pretty cheap, so perhaps this is why people are referring to it as 'chav' wear?
Still a tshirt for under a fiver, if only to clean the car in, is a pretty good deal.

Although you cannot order it should not b expired.

"tems in stock will usually be dispatched within 24 hours"

Probably just a system error because so many people have ordered them.

I spotted and ordered this at the weekend, it arrived this morning.

Didn't expect much for £4.99 and wasn't disappointed.

There is no way they could have sold them for £24.99 rrp, it is ok for the teenager mine was intended for, but I've bought the 2 for £3 Asda t-shirts in the past and they are 100% better quality and feel to this.

mine arrived this morning, it is a tad on thin side but fine for £5, i think my OH will wear it now and again!
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