Beneath a Steel Sky & Lure of the Temptress Classic PC Games FREE!! Vista & XP Compatible
Beneath a Steel Sky & Lure of the Temptress Classic PC Games FREE!! Vista & XP Compatible

Beneath a Steel Sky & Lure of the Temptress Classic PC Games FREE!! Vista & XP Compatible


All the games on this site have been optimised to run on XP and Vista
Good Old Games is giving away 2 free classic PC games

Beneath a Steel Sky

In 1948, George Orwell wrote his dystopian masterpiece, 1984, about a society whose citizens were under the constant surveillance of the Thought Police. Decades later, researchers have proved that our reliance on credit and store loyalty cards, mobile phones and computers could allow our day-to-day lives to be monitored in minute detail. The world has become increasingly dependent upon computer technology, but what if this dependency is abused? This is the premise at the heart of Revolutions 1994 release, Beneath a Steel Sky. Set in a futuristic environment, BASS pushes our fears to their most chilling logical conclusion a totalitarian society in which humans have become slaves to progress.

Lure of The Temptress
(A Horse, a hero, a good girl and a very very bad girl)

Lure of the Temptress is the first game offered to the gaming world by a then fledgling development company, Revolution Software. Released in 1991-92, the game has been resurrected by Sold Out Software. Despite its age in gaming life, Temptress fared fairly well. It is the classic tale of good vs. evil. Our hero with great reluctance finds himself on a mission with the Kings Guard to set out and defeat an alluring but ethically challenged temptress. It seems that things are not right in our fair kingdom of Turnvale. Our hero, however, is a reluctant warrior. In fact, he had tried to sneak away quietly into the night, but his horse had other plans. Unfortunately, the evil sorceress has gathered an army of unearthly demonoid critters. The demon horde goes to battle and the King and his men are most foully dispatched. Our hero finds himself in a dark, dank dungeon. He must save the day and the kingdom. That is of course if he can get out of that dungeon, past the demonic guards and perhaps give his horse a good talking to.



And it works with Vista


Why expired anyone?

Original Poster


Why expired anyone?

I have no idea.. strange, the offer has not expired it is still available

Great game, definately worth getting!

What in the heck are you meant to do in Beneath a Steel Sky I'm standing on a platform and cant do anything without being shot!!!!! Close to voting cold because the game's keech!!!!

From memory there is a metal bar that you can use to open the door on the right

Nice find! This'll bring back some memories...

Been available for free on SCUMMVM (great engine!) for years now, along with a few others (]found here). Good effort bringing it to folks attention though :thumbsup:

Cold. This is just there to get the sign-ups on the website. You can get this software for free from scummvm.org, and have been able to since 2003. This deal is unfortunately "give away your personal details to get free software which you can get free with a few clicks elsewhere".
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