Beneath a Steel Sky / Lure of the Temptress / Teenagent - Legit free XP/Vista games @ GOG
Beneath a Steel Sky / Lure of the Temptress / Teenagent - Legit free XP/Vista games @ GOG

Beneath a Steel Sky / Lure of the Temptress / Teenagent - Legit free XP/Vista games @ GOG

3 free XP and Vista compatible games from Good Old Games.

This site has plenty of other pay for games ($6 on average).

All games have had DRM removed and been updated to run on XP and Vista.

The games also seem to play better with SMALLER screens (because some gaes have a maximum resoultion of 640x480 when that was all you could squeeze from a graphics card). Good for old school PC gamers on old school PCs?


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Why is GOG.com the best place for old games?

1. We’ve got games your 10-year-old won’t be better at.

GOG.com offers you critically acclaimed games from major publishers in every genre. Don’t let your kids mock the graphics; remind them that the classics never go out of style, unlike their totally wicked haircut.

2. So you’re cheap. It’s okay – we are, too.

For less than the cost of a lunch at some lousy diner you can own some of the greatest games of all time. No matter how big the file is and how successful the game was, you’ll leave the table satisfied that you got a great deal for your money. As an added bonus, our house specialities won’t make you sick.

3. You buy it, you keep it.

Don't let your DRMs turn into nightmares (clever, no?). You won't find any intrusive copy protection in our games; we hate draconian DRM schemes just as much as you do, so at GOG.com you don't just buy the game, you actually own it. Once you download a game, you can install it on any PC and re-download it whenever you want, as many times as you need, and you can play it without an internet connection.

4. All games are Vista and XP compatible.

Thanks to our handsome programming team, the classics are now Windows Vista and Windows XP compatible. Now you can use your lightning-fast PC to unleash the full potential of those games you just couldn’t play properly on that busted old 386.

5. Extend the experience with tons of cool and exclusive add-ons.

Buying the game is just the beginning. With the purchase of any game at GOG.com you'll also get some great additional materials for free, including game guides, walkthroughs, MP3 game soundtracks, wallpapers and more. No joke.

6. We’re bringing together classic games and a classy community.

Dive into the GOG.com community, share your love for the games and meet other gamers with the same passion for classic games as you. Rate and review every single game, discuss your favorite titles on message boards, get support for your games and help others. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that special someone.

7. It's so easy, your gramma’s probably already playing.

GOG.com is so easy to use. We have an easy account setup, game installers as user friendly as can be and simple, fast and hassle-free downloads. Thanks to these features, you'll need just a few clicks to get you on your way to playing some of the best PC games of all time.

8. Same game, same price, no matter where you're from!

We believe that all gamers around the world should be treated equally. Therefore GOG.com is available to everyone, everywhere, and we offer the same prices to gamers from all countries. Getting the worldwide rights to the games takes some extra effort on our part, but we think it's worth the reward of opening up our site to the world.

Cheers, need to register but great freebie anyway!

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If you are interested in classic gaming, I can recommend 1nsane (by Codemasters) - loads of fun and whilst it has basic 3d graphics, its still a hoot. And being DRM free, its not cheap (or even free) but just reasonably priced.


Thanks for this jazid. Beneath a Steel Sky is an excellent old school point-and-click adventure and made all the more brilliant for being free. Heat added!
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