Benidorm: Series 1 & 2 Box Set £15.29 @ CD-WOW
10% off until 10/02/09

Region 2

* Release Languages: English
* Length: 170 mins
* Certificate: 15
* Encoding: PAL
* No. of Discs: 2
* Aspect Ratio: 1.85
* Interactive Menus: Yes
* Scene Selection: Yes


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also have wall-e for a decent online price cdwow.com/Wal…247


£15 overpriced

Very funny show. Great to read it wiil return for a 3rd series :-D

thanks, hot

I've ordered mine, I thought it was a great program. Hot deal for me.

Great show just tonight finished watching them all again but i would give this box set a miss as there is a season 3 due anytime now season 2 premiered in march of 08 so its nearly march now it will start with a 1 hour special and then be followed by 8 episodes so you should wait till its complete that's why its probably cheap.

I wished id have had the beef curtains.

H & R Added


15 quid aint that cheap for 2 discs

Not really seeing as it was free on the TV.
Series 2 was pretty bad- it lost all the humour :O



15 quid aint that cheap for 2 discs

its 3 disks :whistling:
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