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Free Ben and Jerry’s in London 2-3 October
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
Doesn't state times. Only the Home Sweet Honeycomb flavour ice cream . Mon 2nd October 2017 Homerton High Street, London, E9 Home Street, London, SW11 Tues 3rd October 2017 Old … Read more
OwlEye1st Oct

Can't see them?

It's down the side under the "Partner Events" heading.
Original Poster
suziemaclondon12 h, 2 m ago on the … on the above link!

Can't see them?
Thank you!
That actually could be my new favourite flavour!
Ben & Jerry's Free Cone day is April 4th this year
Found 3rd Mar 2017Found 3rd Mar 2017
FREE CONE DAY! April 4, 2017 12 - 8pm What Is Free Cone Day? Hand holding ice cream scoop Every time you enjoy a scoop of Ben & Jerry's, you're showing us how much you care. … Read more
I think Odeon cinemas are doing themselves an injustice by not taking part (if it's their decision to do so which I guess I don't really know). In common with other unfriendly organisations they make it hard to actually call a cinema to ask them anything. So earlier today I went on to the Odeon web chat and here's the main parts of my conversation:

dfurn 11:27:
May I ask regarding my local Odeon?
dfurn 11:27:
Is it taking part in the Ben and Jerry's free cone day please?
dfurn 11:28:
It's done it for the last few years but I am getting contradictory information this year.
Support Agent 11:28:
Yes, they are.
dfurn 11:28:
Woo hoo excellent!
dfurn 11:28:
I'll get off there now!
dfurn 11:29:
Thank-you very much.
Support Agent 11:29:
No worries.

So I make a special journey to said local Odeon and of course they are not taking part after all. The ice cream seller was very apologetic to give him his dues. Anyhow so I called Odeon guest services (or whatever they are called) and reported the chat log with reference number. They confirmed the chat person was wrong. However they called the cinema manager who came out to see me and read the chat log (which he asked me to email him). He also was very apologetic and offered me a free ice cream anyhow. So in the end Odeon cinema staff have very much impressed me; the guest services people have not.

None in Liverpool City Centre

Yep, even though I believe they did it in the Odeon in Liverpool One last year. Instead, you'd have to trek to Norris Green's Showcase cinema several miles away instead.

If you're in Leicester Square, London you get this 3 times or more! There … If you're in Leicester Square, London you get this 3 times or more! There are approximately 4 to 5 participating cinemas less than 5 minutes from each other. Ice Cream Heaven! Square72 knows I have you back Op!

And while we are on the subject, hello to Jason Isaacs
One location in the whole of Wales. Gee, don't splash out B&J.
no availability around me for miles (not participating)
voting cold for this reason
Edited by: "Cyrus" 3rd Apr 2017
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Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 12th April 2016
Found 3rd Apr 2016Found 3rd Apr 2016
Every time you enjoy a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s, you’re showing us how much you care. We love you too, and Free Cone Day is our favourite way to show it! This year’s extravaganza… Read more
It's not just one ether. Just finished my 3rd cone

It's free cone day

In the rain,lovely X)
It's free cone day
Heat added: Free Ice Cream!

After school not possible I'm assuming.............

Possibly deb8z but it's getting there after school that would be a pita.
Ben & Jerry's - FREE CONE DAY (Available on Tuesday 12th April 2016)
Found 17th Feb 2016Found 17th Feb 2016
Ben & Jerry's FREE CONE DAY! Update: You're officially invited to our biggest celebration of the year! Won't you join on Free Cone Day? Let us know if you're coming so that… Read more
I got this last year from the Odeon near me.

there’s no limit to the number of free cones you can ge

I know what exactly to do

cool the cinema opposite my house does it, though will forget by the time … cool the cinema opposite my house does it, though will forget by the time april comes

Two options
1) Go there now and stay there no matter what!!
2) Put a reminder in your smartphone/laptop/PC/Alarm Clock/Fridge/inner of Front Door.
Take the required amount of this picture and stick them to the floor leading to the door and write on it Must Remember to line up for B&J Ice-cream on 12th Apr 2016.


Now you should have no excuses!!!!
Edited by: "dalipsinghno1" 19th Feb 2016
Also bear in mind that some places ask for a charity donation. Not mandatory obvs but some might feel embarrassed when asked

Why on earth are you posting this 2 months prior to the event? Are hotel … Why on earth are you posting this 2 months prior to the event? Are hotel rooms near the free cone venues filling up fast?

Because it's copied directly from MSE…ay/ (_;)
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Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream - Cookie Core Tour (London)
Found 2nd Jul 2015Found 2nd Jul 2015
From July 3, [Ben & Jerry's will] be firing up their ice-cream van and parking up at various locations in London throughout the month. They're calling it the Core Tour, as they… Read more
Cheers, maybe pop down for the one in Wimbledon when it's on. HOT.
Wow, Ben & jerry's unilever icecream London-centric extravaganza!
Great!! Will they be giving away entire thimble-sized pots of ice cream? (_;)
ben and jerrys is ok, but all of the core versions i have had have been utter crap
was temped again by the peanut butter one - binned
I'm off to Spitacields now, it only down the road from my work place. Lucky me
Free cone day on april 14 @ Ben & Jerry's
Found 12th Mar 2015Found 12th Mar 2015
You will be able to grab a free cone from your local Ben & Jerry's on april 14th.make sure you note down on your dairy to grab a free ice cream… Read more
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There was a long-ish queue for free Ben and Jerrys at my local yesterday. My kids were waiting quite happily, queue moving at an steady pace. Women in front of me making a fuss about the queue, she had read on Twitter you could get a queue jump if you re-tweeted a photo (so un-British), blah blah blah. She got a queue jump. Ten minutes later we get to the front of the queue and we were the 1500 cone to be served that day, so we won a prize (Odeon cinema tickets). Cheers OP. Also had a free handmade burger with a voucher, nearly next door, and then went back to B&J's for pudding. Hello fatness my old friend....
It is UK, we did it last year at odeon cinema, when we bought our tickets the lady told us to go get a free B&J ice cream
our local showcase cinemas has a ben n jerrys stand but they dont participate in free cone day, next closest is too far for it to be worth the journey for a free ice cream heat given good offer for those that are able to make the most of it
It's a UK deal - just go to the ben and jerry's uk site. Youcan redeem the free cone at any of the B&J places around the country which are usually inside cinemas.

They've done it in the Odeon in Cardiff for the past 3 years!! And im not … They've done it in the Odeon in Cardiff for the past 3 years!! And im not sure if any other cinema chains have a Ben & Jerry's stand, so it's probably only Odeon cinemas which have a stand.

I know my Odeon has a B&J stand itself. Never attempted to try it out myself, so I may do so this year.
TODAY: Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day 8th April 2014
Found 12th Mar 2014Found 12th Mar 2014
Ben & Jerry free cone day is 8th April this year.... Details: Share Free Cone Day T&Cs and Times It’s that time of year again herd! Free Cone Day is here. Celebrated sinc… Read more
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Thanks Op, I was able to get my free scoop today
Aberdeen wasn't part. I wish i checked the updated details
Didn't get a cone, but single scoop tubs (not that I'm complaining). Boyf went up twice, his pal went up three times but I was too bashful to ask more than once. Not many flavours left at 5pm but I would expect that after a full day's promotion.

I've now decided I really like another Ben And Jerry's flavour, as well as the legendary Cookie Dough: Chocolate Fudge Brownie :)!
Went and got free ice cream but was not allowed cones as the single scoop cones had run out and they wouldn't let us have their double scoop cones so gave it in a tub. Terms and condition says you can queue as many times as you like but the guy stopped us at 3 lol
Original Poster

Do you have to get a cinema ticket in order to get the free cone?

No I don't believe so
Ben and Jerry's ice cream tour. Get free ice cream from their van if it visits your area
Found 7th May 2013Found 7th May 2013
Ben and jerry's are doing a tour of Great Britain in their ice cream van, check out their facbook page to see if they will be passing by your town and if they do pop down and get s… Read more
No north east at all? Nobody ever comes to Teesside
Cold.... Ice cream is perfect, not really worth travelling to me but Hot for those who are lucky enough to get to it! Heat from me
Any tips on which flavour to go for? I'm torn between three and will not have time to queue three times in my lunch break
No one ever comes to Plymouth...
thanks and its coming to Cardiff:):p
9th April Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream at participating outlets
Found 22nd Mar 2013Found 22nd Mar 2013
You can get a free Ben & Jerry's ice cream worth about £2.50 from your nearest participating outlet during their Free Cone Day on Tuesday 9th April. Apparently you can rejoin … Read more
Thanks had my free ice cream, hot dog from priorities moments and free popcorn from Virgin Media all in all a great night

just reading this now after just returning from Oblivion Screening at … just reading this now after just returning from Oblivion Screening at Odeon. I'm a loser

At least did you use O2 priorities to get free L PopCorn / Nachos / Hot Dog?
Edited by: "chemeng" 10th Apr 2013
great deal

just reading this now after just returning from Oblivion Screening at … just reading this now after just returning from Oblivion Screening at Odeon. I'm a loser

I doubt they'd count.
Stay away from Vermonster flavour. Vile! Shame I didn't go for the classic Cookie Dough. On another note thanks op.
Found 29th May 2012Found 29th May 2012
Giving away tubs of FREE Ben & Jerry's in manchester Piccadilly gardens opposite wetherspoon pub.. If your around that general area get down there ASAP!
Original Poster
These were full sized too.. ;-)
They were in Sheffield city centre a few days ago, they were giving away full sized tubs...
They've gone round a few places I know so +heat.
Original Poster
It's sourced off Martin Lewis forum & confirmed by a friend in the city centre itself
The first tuesday in months I don't go to Manchester!
Free 500ml Ben and Jerry's ice cream - ends 8th june
Found 11th May 2012Found 11th May 2012
Free pot of 500ml Ben and Jerry's at a certain core tour location. Locations and times listed bellow. Westminster, 16:30 Imperial College), Fri 11 May – South London (12:00 Kingst… Read more
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Can't wait! Going to the Newcastle one. However it says on the Core tour facebook thing, that they're giving away free B + J's to winners of a uni competition? Does this mean they're giving it away to the public aswell or just to the competition winners? Doesn't make it very clear any help would be appreciated
Can't find them in Birmingham either!
Trying to work out if its worth popping over to Liverpool to get my free tub! Which do I value more, my life, or ice cream? hmmm
they lied about Kingston Uni, they didnt turn up
I'm actually addicted to their ice cream...its a crying shame they aren't giving any out near me...literally, I'm crying....
FREE Cone of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream from stalls
Found 24th Mar 2012Found 24th Mar 2012
Get a Free cone of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream from one of their stalls between 12 noon to 8PM on Tuesday 3rd of April. I asked in a local one not listed on the website and they are… Read more
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Love the fact you can repeatedly join the queue, but alas no stalls near me.
The sccop shop in the Odeon in Lincoln is taking part between 6pm and 9pm and apparently whoever's at the head of the queue when the timer goes off will get a FREE Core Sundae - I think this is happening at all particpating stores!

All of the Lincoln staff are getting dressed up for NSPCC and Variety Club, they raised about £300 last year

Bump - thanks to all the members posting reminders - free Ice Creams tomorrow 3rd of April from 6-9pm (3-9pm in selected scoop shops). X)
there is two in Oxford sweet

Got 2 close to me wonder if I should get 1 from both

don't see why not. go for it. live life on the edge.
Ben and Jerry's Ice cream 500ml for £1.50 in store @ Spar
Found 23rd Jul 2011Found 23rd Jul 2011
All varieties of Ben and Jerrys ice cream. I saw this in store at my local Spar in Belfast on the Upper Newtownards Road, I'm guessing that it is nationwide, really hope so as it i… Read more
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On offer in Monkstown. Got 4 for £6.
Spar shops choose from a catalogue of available promotions each month? which is why there can be a big discrepancy between shops and perhaps regions. e.g. whyte and mckay 70cl £10.49 in 1 spar and £12.99 in another.
£2.25 at my spar.
Original Poster
Still £1.50at mine - I bought some more :o)
Deal is not on in Manchester they are £4.99 wasted journey
Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day 12th April 2011 At Selected Locations
Found 30th Mar 2011Found 30th Mar 2011
I did a search on HD and did not see this posted only saw the 2009 one posted. Sorry if it has been posted already. I saw this on Magic Freebies and thought everyone would love a f… Read more
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Bumping as it's going live in 5 mins
Yes! Finally they're doing it in the Odeon near me, which has had a Ben and Jerrys booth for YEARS, but they've never taken part before! WAHOOOOO! ^_^ Thanks OP Heat added!
Ben & Jerrys Jamaican Me Crazy sorbet 99p @ HERON FOODS !
Found 1st Jun 2010Found 1st Jun 2010
yummmeee ! i know ben & jerry's is usually quite expensive so i thought i would put this on as its a great deal !
There goes my diet plan!
This is so hot, I think you are Jamaican it up
Mango sounds good
I LOVE this flavour! I always have it in cinema but i've never seen it in store! I've never heard of Heron and there's not one near me. boohoo
Free Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream - April 27th (Today Only!!)
Found 27th Apr 2010Found 27th Apr 2010
Between 1PM to 5PM only! Go.. go go... grab yours NOW! Our beloved founders Ben and Jerry had their first Free Cone Day, where they gave free scoops to their local community, way … Read more
this was on a couple of weeks back, been once today with OH - feel sick - taking the kids back soon!
Shame, my nearest store is 300 miles away.
Free Ben & Jerrys IceCream - Free cone day April 27th at participating venues
Found 1st Apr 2010Found 1st Apr 2010
Fair Cone Day 27th April 2010 list of places all over uk where you can get - on web page Thanks for another great year! Our beloved founders Ben and Jerry had their first Free Co… Read more

Got kicked out of Basildon at 4pm - we hadn't had that many honest!

LOL!! :-D :-D :-D
Got kicked out of Basildon at 4pm - we hadn't had that many honest!
Had one in Brighton few minutes ago Yay! Yum Yum!
Lots of locations AND flavours!
Last year arrived at 6PM and surprised no queue
Cool Thanks
Free Ben & Jerry's Goodies (@ Leicester Square in London) on  Thursday 18th February
Found 13th Feb 2010Found 13th Feb 2010
Were throwing a bit of a bash on Thursday 18th February, in Leicester Square in London, so come along and join in the fun! Therell be live comedy, moosic from Kitty, Daisy and Lewi… Read more
Perfect for 1/2 term. Was planning to take the kids to Natural History Musuem, so will link it up with this on Thurs!!
Why only in London?Bit far for me to go!