BenQ XL2546 ZOWIE 24.5 Inch 240 Hz e-Sports Monitor with DyAc Tech £428.99 @ amazon

BenQ XL2546 ZOWIE 24.5 Inch 240 Hz e-Sports Monitor with DyAc Tech £428.99 @ amazon

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Found 12th Apr
Seems to be the lowest it's been on amazon. Is it worth the money? No idea, I've yet to try 240hz :).
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Very star trek looking
What resolution is the monitor?
richyjwill16 m ago

Very star trek looking

Indeed but I believe the panels are removable should you want a regular looking screen :).
Shinobei6 m ago

What resolution is the monitor?

1920 x 1080. If you aren't already looking for one of these you are most likely better off with something else. It's a very small niche in the market. People who care a lot about competitive gaming and people who like emulators a lot and want something with near CRT motion clarity without actually having to deal with the practicality issues of a CRT in 2018.
I recently picked up the Acer Predator XB252 after only ever using 60hz and the step up feels amazing, for anyone on PC that hasn't used anything more than 60hz I would highly recommend you try it. Just make sure you have the horsepower to reach 240hz (I don't but it's actually given me a reason to OC my CPU & GPU now, and if you don't either it might be better to not get this model and go for a gsync monitor instead) and make sure you are ok with TN monitors (blacks aren't very deep but alot of the 240hz monitors are really bright, so as long as you don't game in low light the difference hasn't been that noticable for me).

It feels super smooth and even web browsing on 60hz feels weird now, the mouse cursor looks like it stutters everywhere compared to 240 hz.
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