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Posted 17 May 2023

Benross Jigger Chipper Golf Club £31.99 delivered at American Golf

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  1. whereangelsplay's avatar
    10% off with blue light card
  2. nzadok's avatar
    One of my golfing mates gets dogs abuse when he pulls one of these out the bag.
    A seven iron will do what this does anyway
    jtobes89's avatar
    If it lowers your score and gets you a win, who cares what you use!
  3. chrisbluebird's avatar
    I used to use an £8 Donnay one from Sports Direct.. always used to get the "funny comments" but I was lethal with it. When I got better I gave it away and started using a 6-7 iron because that's what golfers do! I was never as good with those clubs as I was with the Donnay one and I could never find another one to replace it. They are weighted like a putter and you use the same stroke so if it works for you, use it and ignore the abuse.
    5lugger's avatar
    A mate of mine had one. His finest shot was using it on a 130 yard par 3, knocked the ball stiff
  4. Una's avatar
    Risky name
  5. J_MVSC's avatar
    I agree... . golf is about winning at all costs and crushing my slimy toad mates into oblivion.....screw golfing snobbery.. every man for himself that's what I say ..when I'm out on the course struggling to keep my mind in order i always think of the scene in the famous Rambo film when John j is hiding in the cave surrounded with no hope ... I do what ever it takes to succeed..win.. conquer ..smash .I have a similar just bought it last month use it for fringe shots off the green .. my mate looked confused the first time I used it thinking it was a putter then went to grab it off me said he needed a closer look ... Get your own I said as he laughed and mocked ....the chip rolled 30 yards and left a 2footer..
  6. Daniboy's avatar
    I have the Cleveland one and I love it. I can take the abuse
    chip2388's avatar
  7. cottontop74's avatar
    Using a 7 iron is perfectly fine but you generally need to have the club much more upright. Most chippers are setup that way. Have a look at the Mark Crossfield videos on youtube... He explains them very well
  8. Latinoheat's avatar
    Says £49????
  9. jamiesd's avatar
    cracking deal, these have a purpose
  10. michaelgallagher5891's avatar
    Looks decent. Bound to help some around the greens
  11. snoopy18's avatar
    Great deal
  12. JohnBird-8f829.84250's avatar
  13. Robbo_59's avatar
    Showing as £49 now
  14. stanno's avatar
    I used to laugh - until a friend holed a 30-yarder which I said he needed a pitching wedge for. Never lets me forget every time he gets it out.
  15. PEDRO1302's avatar
    Stops the dreaded shank. Will buy.
  16. TacticalTimbo's avatar
    Game is on point, all thanks to my Jigger.
  17. EllMitcho's avatar
    Duffed chips are THE most frustrating shot in golf. Gotta be worth a try?
  18. rollin182's avatar
    Out of stock and no longer at price shown unfortunately.
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