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20% off all LEGO sets at Bentalls (Kingston)
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th MayLocalLocal
20% off all LEGO sets at Bentalls (Fenwicks) Kingston this weekend. Includes the new Harry Potter sets. I got Hagrids Hut and the Hogwarts Clock Tower for £107.98 instead of £134.9… Read more

Good advice for any deal posted on this site, tbh. I’ve never seen Bentalls price their LEGO at more than RRP, unlike Hamleys, for example.


Living in Kingston, Bentalls toys are often over priced so make sure you do a comparison before buying...


Here's my receipt too, just in case anyone's worried it's not true :)


They also still have the Marvel Hulkbuster.


Thanks, that's a pretty good price for a discontinued set.

Samsung UE43NU7020 for £299 in Bentalls Kingston
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Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Samsung UE43NU7020 for £299 in Bentalls Kingston
This is the best price I've seen for this 2018 Samsung UHD TV. Also, Bentalls throw in a 5 year guarantee.
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dont suppose you get a note 9 with this😁



Lego Minifigures 99p @ sainsburys
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Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Lego Minifigures 99p @ sainsburys
Lego minifigures
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I went today and got 92 ! Not much left now lol only managed to get 1 Harry Potter series, series 17 & batman movie 1 series. (highfive)


Title changed to Sainsburys and also expired? Not suspicious at all! ;)


I have some Batman 1 and 2 spares still, I need Wonder Twin Jayna, Professor Hugo Strange and Apache Chief. Let me know if you want to swap!


Why expired. Has someone cleared them out?


errr phrasing?

Lego Ghostbusters 75827  Firehouse Headquarters £137.50 In Store @ Bentalls Kingston Upon Thames
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Posted 28th Feb 2018Posted 28th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Lego Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters £137.50 In Store @ Bentalls Kingston Upon Thames
They had five of these. Possibly store specific, maybe available at other Fenwick group stores.
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More chance in operating capital being raised in order to survive in some form if peeps start spending there. Discounting can save a retailer. How soon they’re applied will go some way to show how severe the books are.


Rang my Fenwick store (York) but they didn't have any in stock


You are welcome. Hope he likes it.


Thanks OP managed to get the last one, My son will be so pleased!


Give em a chance. They only found out they are all pretty much jobless last night and you want them running around marking up your bargain discounts within a few hours!

Micro mini scooter £34 @ Fenwick bentalls
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Posted 30th Jul 2017Posted 30th Jul 2017LocalLocal
Micro mini scooter £34 @ Fenwick bentalls
Micro mini scooter for 34£,plenty available

Excellent scooters... they last ages and I sold each ours second hand for £25 each after many years of heavy usage (still cleaned up like brand new)!


It is only at Bracknell Bentall closing down sale


It is mini micro,it also had two variants one with a handle and seat which was 42£


Hi, which model scooter is this, Do you have a picture or any more info? Thanks for posting.

Robert Welch Malvern 42 piece cutlery set £120 @ Bentalls
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Posted 30th Dec 2016Posted 30th Dec 2016
Robert Welch Malvern 42 piece cutlery set £120 @ Bentalls
20% off all Robert Welch cutlery at Bentalls in Kingston (could be all Fenwick stores, not sure). E.g. 42 piece Malvern set reduced from £150 to £120. Cheapest I can find anywhere… Read more

indeed but most people will look at this deal and see £100+ for some cutlery oO the same can be said for apple ect


We have had the Robert Welch Palm cutlery for a few years now. Excellent cutlery, looks and feels quality. Makes Viners look like the cheap Chinese carp it is. A worthwhile investment if you are looking to get something decent that will last your lifetime and be inherited by your kids.


​I don't bother too much if my deals go cold. Hopefully someone will be able to save some money :D .


Great price, a shame people don't vote because of the offer rather than because they can't afford it.


Too expensive

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cath kidston duvet set £19.95 Bentalls  instore
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Posted 4th Aug 2016Posted 4th Aug 2016
cath kidston duvet set £19.95 Bentalls instore
Bentalls clearance shop in Bentall centre Kingston upon Thames lg floor near toys r us so many Cath kidston products & much more on offer , single duvets £15 & double up to… Read more
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zwilling j a henckel chef knives £39 and £45 @ Bentalls
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Posted 2nd Nov 2015Posted 2nd Nov 2015
zwilling j a henckel chef knives £39 and £45 @ Bentalls
Hi I just popped into bentalls department store in Kingston today and I came across the zwilling j a henckel knives, I've been looking to buy this range of knives for a very long t… Read more
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Never ????? xd


Those knives on Amazon are there old 4 star range from couple years ago, these are there new premium ranges, pure and pro, I have been keeping a eye on there pro range with the rivets and it never goes on sale


A quick stab on amazon produces


Isn't this pretty typical in Bentalls? I've been there loads of times and there's been 50% zwilling. Are these something special that are normally not reduced?


nice find

Disney Infinity Characters and Playsets at Bentalls Outlet Bracknell £4.99 at Bentalls
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Posted 30th Sep 2015Posted 30th Sep 2015
Disney Infinity Characters and Playsets at Bentalls Outlet Bracknell £4.99 at Bentalls
I found planty of Disney Infinity 1.0 or 2.0 characters and playset starting from £4.99, Bentalls Outlet Bracknell Princess Square. I dont think its natiowide but some may find it… Read more
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Nook HD+ tablet £74.50 at Bentalls Kingston.
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Posted 4th May 2015Posted 4th May 2015LocalLocal
Nook HD+ tablet £74.50 at Bentalls Kingston.
The Nook HD+ may not be the most recent tablet but it's not bad for £74.50 new. Bentalls in Kingston had around a dozen left.
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I bought one of these 10 months ago for £75. I'm using the normal Nook interface. I use it mainly for Google NewsStand/Kindle reader, news apps like CNN/BBC/Sky, streaming iPlayer/NowTv/Netflix/YouTube etc (including as a remote for Google chromecast), and watching bluray rips (1080p, low bitrate i.e. like YIFY, play off MicroSD card). I've had a Galaxy Tab S 10.5 since christmas, so I know what a modern android tablet feels like in comparison. Pros: 1. Great build quality (close to apple), feels solid with nice textured back 2. Great screen with unique (?) HD+ 3:2 aspect ratio, perfect for viewing SLR/CSC photos (1920x1280 res). 3. Good WiFi antenna, equal to Tab S, 30ft through 2 brick walls It cost £75. Cons: 1. 3D gaming is slow and basically not worth it. 2D stuff like Farm Heroes, Angry Birds, Candy Crush etc run fine, but anything in full 3D is bad. 2. Rear-facing speaker, like the iPad. Works fine, but I prefer stereo front speakers. 3. Web browsing is slow compared to a modern tablet, it takes twice as long for things to happen (al teast). 4. Amazon Appstore and Music will NOT work at all. Kindle app is fine. 5. Some apps will not work at all because they use a newer android version (see above) 6. No camera I've had no battery or charging problems, I easily get 6hrs+ of 1080p video from a full charge, with maybe 20% battery left. So for what I use it for (video/movies, news, magazines, eReader, light gaming/web use) it's a decent tablet with a great screen. And it's £75. Did mention it was £75? Obviously, the Tab S makes it look pretty bad, but then that is four times the price.


I used to use GO Launcher, but simply prefer Nova....Try out the free version first and see what you harm done if you don't like it. As for Neutron MP, it is simply the BEST sounding music app out there in Android world, but you need to make your own mind up on that sweeping statement. Take listen and hear the difference. It's definitely a bit geeky which is I am not, I just simply enjoy very good sound. Loads to tinker with but I really do not like how you put together playlists on it. I also use ES File Explorer which suit my needs totally. As for MX Pro, I have this on my Note 4 and Nook, and it works like a dream. I have also recently discovered Videostream for Chromecast. This too is superb and love the companion app on my phone. It lets me connect to my media on my laptop to cast on the TV....luv it!!!!!! :O). I actually hardly use my Nook which is a shame as the screen is really nice. The little one has a look in more nowadays, although I just ordered the small person the Wikipad from Ebuyer (See Post on UKHD). He'll be so happy with this!!!! Probably put the Nook and all the accessories on Ebay :O) If you want a big screen why not the 10 inch Asus for £99?....I think JL and Tesco are doing.....can't remember the serial number. I was also looking at the neocore N1 and the neocore C1 from Amazon but not too convinced by these cheaper tablets. Theres also the 8.4 inch Samsung TabPRO from JL for £150, which I really like the look of :O) Hope this helps :O)


When Barnes & Noble, a major US bookstore chain, launched the Nook HD in late 2012 it was intended to sell at premium prices and had a screen and build quality to match. They reskinned android and prevented access to the google play store in order to maximise sales of their own books, movies, music, apps etc. Within six months, sales of the nook HD and HD+ were poor, so as a last desperate throw of the dice they issued a software update that included google play. It was too late by then so soon after Barnes & Noble pulled the plug, lost a packet and sold off the nooks and accessories at bargain prices. In essence, they tried and failed to do an amazon.


Charging is a issue.


Waste of money imo unless you enjoy a poor tablet experience. I have not used mine in 6 months even with cyanogenmod. I regret the purchase.

Skylander Trap Team minis £5.99 @ Bentalls Kingston
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Posted 27th Nov 2014Posted 27th Nov 2014
Skylander Trap Team minis £5.99 @ Bentalls Kingston
Seen in the Kingston Bentalls toy department - Skylanders Trap Team minis double pack with Hijinx and Eye Small for £5.99. Cheapest I've seen elsewhere is £13.99.
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Doh. Now I feel like I paid too much.


Went in there today and got the last one on the shelf. And as it's black friday, I got another £1.50 off making it about £4.50! Result! Thanks OP!


Do they have an online shop? I'm in Northern Ireland :( Brill deal!!!

Global knives - Buy one get one 50% off, Bentalls Kingston
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Posted 12th Oct 2014Posted 12th Oct 2014
Global knives - Buy one get one 50% off, Bentalls Kingston
Global knives, considered one of the best knives around. Bentalls Kingston are doing a promotion that if you buy one Global knife, you get a second for half off. Seeing as these ar… Read more

Hi Toddsupplies, I am no chef but do cook most days so my knives get good use. I have to say that a good knife takes the effort out what i suspect for most everyday people is a choir with a standard knife purchased cheaply from the supermarket. It is actually enjoyable to have use a Global. Would you have any other knife recommendations a bit more reasonably priced for your average home cook ? As like i said the Globals now seem very high priced to when i purchased mine.


I meant to mention as for the fact that these knives are uncomfortable to use. Yes they are for the first week or two. After a couple of weeks you will develop what we call in the trade a global callus and after that all is good. If you are passionate about cooking and good knives then spend the time and effort with these guys and you will not be disappointed. But if you insist on hating them let me know and I will buy them off you lol.


Right guys, I cant help myself when it comes to global knife threads. I have been chef for 10 years and I love my globals and they are professional grade knives. These are not meant for home use but if you can afford them then they are an investment. They are hard to sharpen (even for some chefs) as they are sharpened at both sides at a 15 degree angle. If you are not comfortable in sharpening these knives the invest in a minosharp ceramic sharpener (apx £20 -£25) and these sharpen them back up perfectly. Hence, why they have been officially endorsed by Global themselves. Like I say they are an investment and come with a lifetime warranty against all aspects except accidental damage. if anyone has any questions in relation I am more than happy to try and help.


i have 2. I purchased the G-2 for around £60 in 2006 from very reputable major cookware company (so please do not say i have a fake) yet now the G-2 retails for around £95. The other one (GS-5) cost £45 in 2008 and now goes for nearly £75. People have said i have never had knife fail, but once you use a proper knife with a proper edge it is very hard to go back to standard Ikea/Argos/supermarket chef knife. yes Global Knives are knives your grandchildren will inherit if you don't misuse them. Super sharp, very hardwearing and i love using them ...but at £95. Nope i would not have paid that for them , then or now. I would love to know why these things have had a 50% price increase in recent years and i would suggest that there are better value knives that can be just as good at a more reasonable price. The Lakeland Select knives always seem to get good reviews for the price, and if i was in need of a knife now i would probably check these out with the Global knifes at the same time Also the price of the knife is just one part of the total outlay, you must invest in a proper sharpener if buying one. I have the Minosharp water sharpener which again seems to have jumped in price since i purchased. I would also suggest that you actually hold one before buying. The Global brand is not for everyone, it feels light compared to other high end knives which will not be everyones taste. a high end knife is a good investment in the long run IMO. my parents seem to find some bargain £10 - £20 cooks knife every few years but have now outspent me on inferior knives that do not last or hold a edge well. oh and forget putting them in the dishwasher as well, that is a very big NO NO


yeah, hide you money inside your mattresses.

Frozen elsa doll - £16.99 Instore @ Bentalls
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Posted 22nd Sep 2014Posted 22nd Sep 2014LocalLocal
Frozen elsa doll - £16.99 Instore @ Bentalls
020 8546 1001 Bentalls department store kingston Good luck



Yes me too, continually out of stock in smyths , tesco argos. Etc. etc. my niece will be extremely happy for christmas now


Seen in Smyths, Toysrus, Tesco, Sainburys etc ... times when it was not available are all gone


Kingston , surrey


Hope some of you have managed to get, I've been looking for weeks.