BeOne Hornet full/dual supension mountain bike bargain! was £979 now £549.99 @ CRC

BeOne Hornet full/dual supension mountain bike bargain! was £979 now £549.99 @ CRC

Found 4th Feb 2010
very good price if you look around for a dual/full supension bike of this kind of class your going to pay alot more for a bog standard one this one is loads better!!

Two for one The Hornet two stage linkage: Creating a stable platform while hammering up climbs and plush suspension riding downhill. When Be one started to work on the Hornet XC full suspension bike the first thing we did was look into the needs of a modern full suspension bike. This list of requirements paired to our own experiences in suspension technology (from XC to DH) made it clear to us that a single pivot swingarm paired with a linkage system was the way to go to develop the all new Hornet concept.The challenge to design a suspension system which is active on impact but stable with pedal induced influences was a great one.
Be One has spend years refining the knowledge of suspension linkages and how they can be manipulated to achieve different goals. Starting out using a multitude of computer analysis paired with real time data acquisition results Be One has found the needle in the haystack. Enter the 2 Stage Linkage! Top this off with trick components from Manitou, Race Face, Shimano and Tioga and you have an unbelievable package, its ready for an epic ride, are you!

Frame: 6061 Suspension Double Butted 2 Stage Linkage
Rear Shock: Manitou QRL Lockout 100mm
Fork: Manitou Black Super 100mm
Headset: Aheadset
Stem: Ritchey
Handlebar: Ritchey Riser
Grips: Tioga
Brakes V Brakes
Seatpost: Ritchey
Saddle: Selle Royal B1
Gear Shifter: Shimano LX
Front Derailleur: Shimano LX
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT
Bottom Bracket: Race Face SRX ISIS
Chainset: Race Face Ride XC 22-32-44
Chain: Shimano HG53
Cassette: SRAM PG970 11-32 9sp
Hubs: Xero Feral Disc
Rims: Xero Cyprus XCD-3
Spokes: Stainless PG Black
Tyres: Tioga Factory XC 1.95
Pedals: Shimano SPD M515 (Cleats not included)
Colour: Red - Black
Sizes: 43cm/17" - 48cm/19" - 53cm/21"
Weight: 13.9kg


Old Yin from United Kingdom Owner 19 April 2007 20:59

Bought this bike to keep up with my son and his friends at Glen Tress etc. Great buy. Feels great on the downhills and climbs well with the lock out. Great value for money.

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Ed from United Kingdom Owner 01 May 2007 20:20

I spent weeks looking for a bike around the £500 mark. The Hornet far and away beats anything you can get at this price range. I really wasn't expecting to get so much bike for my budget. Some of the components aren't perfect - the saddle I found to be the most uncomfortable object I have ever encountered, and the tyres for me do not inspire confidence cornering at speed - although these are minor issues. Many of the parts are 2004/5 models but are still of high quality, especially the suspension which is plush and highly effective - the bike excels at downhill cross country and is very quick. The frame is stiff, apparently strong and looks well made. The bike in general is a good looking bike and just looks high quality and expensive. My Manitou QRL shock appears to leak a little oil when the bike is lying down but is fine when riding and upright. I'm 6'2 and got the 21 inch bike - it's tall and is almost a stretch to get on but once on it rides great with a comfortable (with my new saddle) position. The wire attaching to the front derailleur rubs on the rear tyre causing a loud clicking noise - harmless but annoying - you can tuck it behind the frame but it pops out again when you shift to the large chainring. The disc brake upgrade is essential. Apart from the few small things mentioned above I can't take anything away from the B1 - it gets all the important bits right with great frame, suspension, suspension design, and generally high quality components. For £539 you will not find better. Or even close. Simple as that! Thanks to Chainreaction too - fantastic service!

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Ali Puddlejumper from United Kingdom Owner 19 May 2007 16:17

I have owned this bike for over a week and have so far covered around 60 miles up and down glens, through dozens of rivers, carried it through miles of peat bog and thrashed it down dry river beds and rough single track. It has performed faultlessly. The riding position is spot-on. As a 'hefty' 104kg bloke, I was very sceptical about buying a full sus. bike, but have been amazed at performance of the air/oil shocks. This bike looks and feels like the quality item it is. It is fitted with Shimano V brakes, however Shimano Deore HYDRAULIC BRAKES are included and take around 30 minutes to fit. Pros: Quality strong lightweight frame. High rear swinging arm keeps frame clear of rocks. Quality components. Bombproof suspension. Virtually no peddle bob when riding in the seat, even without lockout activated. Next day delivery. AMAZING VALUE. Cons: I'd prefer quick release seat post adjustment and possibly lockout on the front suspension. However to be honest the this would only be necessary if you want to 'race' up inclines and also pocess 'racing lungs'!!!. Worth mentioning: This is a tall bike with great ground clearance.You will need basic assembly skills. A shock pump is essential to 'blow up' the forks and rear shock, so order with the bike. I don't think there's a better sub £1000 XC bike available. Congratulations to Be One and Chain Reaction.

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tommy from United Kingdom Owner 29 May 2007 13:15

I have owned my beone hornet for just over 2 mounths its a lot of bike for the money,wasnt sure about the colour from the pictures but when it arrived i found out the paint job is alot better in real life,my friend even bought one a few weeks later!The groupset is exellent the forks are realy light so are the cranks.The front mech is a pig to setup though and the o ring for the rear shock is too big and falls down so i replaced mine.It has very strong wheels if a bit on the heavy side.I wouldnt go as far to say this bike has any bad points BUT when you get it make sure that the two allen bolts on the inside of the dropout for the rear mech are tight as mine where loose and rubbed the cassete very slightly until i tightened them and now they are fine.If you are thinking about getting one then do it you wont be disapointed....

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Stephen Greenwood!! from United Kingdom Owner 03 June 2007 10:52

easy. Go and try a buy same spec Bike from kona/giant/trek/specialized for this price and they will laugh in your face. This bike rocks only thing i chnaged was teh front suspension to RS tora 318 u-turns,cos i had em already! The frame and paintwork is really something great aswell,quality welds really tidy. best thing is my mates are jealous as hell since they spent 1400 quid on same specs bikes! and OFC CRC deliver the goods when they say they will and that my friends is a very rare service these days greta bike great supplier, love CRC and know joy!

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Adie from United Kingdom Owner 18 June 2007 08:45

Got rid of the basic Ritchey stuff and added quality replacements to match the rest. Fantastic pimp bike and great workhorse. Get one while you can or put it on your wish list.

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Ian from United Kingdom 16 March 2007 18:22

Rode a gary Fisher Hi Fi and was very impressed. had no Gary Fisher Money so took a gamble on a bike I had never heared of/seen/riden. My god what a bike, the matt red finish looks and feels much better than the price, spot on on single track and berms, can be occasionally down hilled. Took a big spill on it and the bike landed in a pile but no damage to the bike at all. very adjustable suspension, very responsive. Look on for "Mountain Bike Wipe Out" video and you will see how bullit proof this bike is! Next day delivery and feedback from B1 distributor about the quality was spot on too!

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DD from United Kingdom Owner 31 March 2007 21:41

This is an excellent bike with quality components. It feels solid and so far has handled everywhere I have taken it with ease. The Hornet is a very good looking and bike and certainly a head turner. Suspension is first class with a rear lock out. The 19" I have is a tall bike, with lots of clearance. Feels much taller than other 19"s Ive had. Only snag with this bike is front derailleur adjustment. It is almost impossible. Any Tips??

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Kevin from United Kingdom Owner 11 April 2007 22:54

As a newbie to the sport, I was looking for a bike which was reasonably priced but with enough scope to upgrade. I had hired bikes previously and decided to take the plunge and buy one. I was also considering a Mongoose Teocali when I spotted this on at CRC. I had a word with a couple of friends of mine and they were impressed with the spec of this one. The fact that the disc brakes came with the bike rather than fitted was strange, but it was straightforward to fit them. I have taken this to Wales twice and been on another couple of places. Had some big off's (as has been remarked, confidence exceeds skill!) and the bike is unscathed. It has a lovely riding position, well built and everyone has been commenting about the quality components (nice orangey red colour too!). Buy this and buy in confidence that the money has been spent on the bike components and not the name.

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viper from Ireland Owner 15 October 2006 17:26

the hornet is not only a bike, its a weapon of mass destruction. with quality components like no other built onto a class a frame you are left with a bullet from hell. this bike for me and for the price is a has to buy.

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Dave from United Kingdom Owner 29 January 2007 09:44

What a bike!! I placed an order for a load of parts to build up a bike around an existing frame I had. The parts I had ordered were costing £500, had a call from CRC and they told me they didn't have some of the parts in stock. Then I saw this bike, all the parts are better than the ones I ordered plus a complete bike! So I changed my order. This bike is 500% better than I could of imagined, do anything ride anywhere XC bike and very fast! The bike is very tall but I'm 6"3" bought the large and it is a stretch to get on the bike once in position and clipped in the ride positioning is perfect! Excellent groupset and suspension built up around a well thoguht out frame. One downside is that the front derailleur is almost impossible to adjust due to it's position, apart from that perfect! Bargain bike with a very expensive feel.

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Pembo from United Kingdom Owner 13 September 2007 15:34

I live on the edge of Cannock Chase, within a couple of minutes of leaving home I'm bombing round the dog (Follow The Dog route). The bike is great and handles everything. My wife bought me this bike for my 40th. It has proven to be the best present ever. It keeps a massive smile on my face. A great bike, don't worry about it being a B1, to me now that shouts out QUALITY. As for the wife, she hasn't seen me since. Maybe that was her plan.

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Lee from New Zealand Owner 13 September 2007 23:41

Was seriously nervous about buying this bike considering the distance that I am away from the UK if it turned out to be a lemon..... Thankfully after many months use on a range of trails I can give this bike nothing but praise. It is more of an XC bike, but will handle small drop offs with ease so is proving to be a great all round bike. For the money it can't be faulted. For the benefit of the reviewer wanting to know shock setups I am 75kg and running fork at 100psi and rear shock at 10-15% sag. Max psi ratings for both shocks are 250psi according to Manitou. Also, I removed the brake bosses and haven't plugged them as yet, you can get standard plugs for the forks.

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Duarte from Portugal Owner 26 February 2009 03:46

Excelente pre? bom material e com uma est?ca muito actual. O quadro tem um bom comportamento em todas as situa?s. Tenho uma ? anos e com muitos km em cima. Aconselho. Pelo pre?ent?n?se arranja melhor.

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jimmy from Ireland Owner 19 February 2007 12:32

im very happy with the b1, ive taken it over s*** which i thought was a bit too rough but its proved to be bomb proof also carried it up to top of carrantohill with a few friends and rode it down the side and then up and down a few more ending up in black vally side of gap of dunloe, and apart from a few scratches, not even a slight buckle. i know its not a down hill bike but it can take a hammering. also entered a few races down in kilarney and again was very pleased. the only thing which has pissed me off is the hydrolic breaks, my pads wore down to metal in just 2 months but more so on one side but ive ordered better pads and hopefully wont have the same problem again. if you buy this bike you should be happy enough, 5 of my freinds also bought the b1 and we are taken them from bilbao to granada on an off road track used for transhumance in as you can see i got alot of confedence in this bike. plus it looks mean.

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Daz from United Kingdom Owner 18 June 2007 09:36

The bike seems good quality and gives a decent ride. I would recommend this as a first foray into Full Suss. Weak points seem to be the wheels,this has yet to be proven yet though. Chain snapped on second ride, cheap Shimano HG. The frame appears decent quality and the ride is smooth over the rough stuff, I like the Rear suss lockout, easy to switch.

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Anonymous from United Kingdom Owner 13 July 2007 10:25

Just got the bike last week. First impressions are good. Out of the box most of the components are a bargain at this price. I changed the wheels, bar and stem as I have Pro 2's and the bar and stem were pretty weighty and I had some oversize FSA ones in the shed. Other than that the bike seems spot on. After two rides I can't comment too much on the handling but it seems to climb well and is good downhill. The frame sizing seems about normal. I'm 6'4" and the xl fits well remembering that it's more of an xc bike than a downhiller. Frame quality seems good but only time will tell and the paint finish is a bit lighter than the pictures indicate. Two more things that have stopped me giving it a 5 is the saddle, like sitting on a brick and the chain snapped on the connecting pin after 100metres but CRC have replaced it with no quibles - keep up the good work CRC.

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Nick from United Kingdom Owner 05 August 2007 15:12

So far a good buy. The rear shock is stable on the flat and the frame feels solid. Nice size at 21inch for me being 6ft and 89kgs. Not used it on a real ride yet. Disc brakes were cut to length and simple to fit, although the box only had one rotor. Well worth the cash. Nick

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frank from United Kingdom Owner 24 August 2007 16:53

had hornet for 2 weeks and so far so good - looking for advice on a couple of things - what pressures are people running in front/rear shocks - i'm 90 kgs and struggling to get it right for me doing general xc and easy downhill - no jumps etc - also those who have fitted the discs what did you do with v brake bosses - leave on or if removed what did you fill the resultant hole with? thanks frank

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Old Yin from United Kingdom Owner 19 April 2007 20:59

Bought this bike to keep up with my son and his friends at Glen Tress etc. Great buy. Feels great on the downhills and climbs well with the lock out. Great value for money.
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