Beowulf: Director's Cut (Blu-Ray) £4.95 @ (direct link in 1st post)

Beowulf: Director's Cut (Blu-Ray) £4.95 @ (direct link in 1st post)

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good price. £9.99 at, £7.23 at amazon


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is this a bad price?

good price. but this blu ray has been cheap for ages.

£6.99 on HMV -…425

to be honest, seen this blu ray for around £5/£6 for ages. think i bought my copy in Gamestation for £4
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I wouldn't buy it for a quid... awful film!


I wouldn't buy it for a quid... awful film!

Good story & amazing animation don't be put off by just how this muppet came up with such a summary.
Remember there are two versions & the other is called beowolf & grendel now thats pooo!

By the way if anyone knows of a better computer animated film the do tell...I know that the new tron & of course avatar are better but they cost shed loads to make.

Beowulf? A cock-er-ney? "OI! UM! BAYOWOLF! Apples 'n' pears!"
Awful casting ruined a good story for me.
And I have NOTHING against Ray Winstone, he's an outstanding actor ("Sexy Beast", great film)
It's just widely known that the cock-er-ney Beowulf element of this film is a bit of a laughing point...

Terrible film!

Great film!

saw this on telly a few days ago and its a good almost very good film, why do people **** it,did they really watch it?

I wouldn't say this was a bad film, just disappointing. Anyone who has read the poem will know how badly disjointed and edited the story in this film is, hence the disappointment. But heigh-ho, probably on a par with saying Clash of the Titans wasn't exactly true to the Greek myths....

Did not enjoy the movie, but those of you that did, this is a decent deal.

Already have this on HD DVD. The film is not great but the HD transfer is awesome!

Looks fantastic!
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