Beowulf (Xbox 360) £4.89 Free UK Delivery @ The Game Collection
Beowulf (Xbox 360) £4.89 Free UK Delivery @ The Game Collection

Beowulf (Xbox 360) £4.89 Free UK Delivery @ The Game Collection

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The Beowulf video game takes players deep into groundbreaking director Robert Zemeckis vision of the classic
saga, Beowulf. Gamers live the life of Beowulf, the legendary Norse warrior with the strength of 30 men who is
torn between the nobility and brutality within him. Arrogant, self-serving and lustful for gold and glory, Beowulf will
journey to Denmark to destroy a bloodthirsty beast wreaking havoc on a frigid land. But evil persists, and Beowulf
succumbs to its lure of even greater fame, quietly maneuvering to claim the Danish throne. As King, Beowulf must
face the consequences of ambition, even as war descends on the realm. As Beowulf, players lead their men,
called thanes, into battle, slay the Titans of a dying age and crush the enemies that threaten to annihilate both their
kingdom and people. Only then, when Beowulf looks Destiny in the eye, will he know what kind of hero he has truly


Watch out for 1) used games as they sent dozens of people used copies of Bully last week, and 2) Bundle or Non-UK copies that are tricky to trade in later anyway. Bit of a small, ramshackle operation over at Game Collection.

I'd much rather pay 10p for a defo new copy. Its 4.99 in Gamestation

Is it any good ?

It's a film tie-in game from last year for under a fiver.

Do you think it'll really be any good?

Good point - hehe ...
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