BeQuiet 600 W Straight 10 Modular Power Supply Unit (PSU) - £60.43 -

BeQuiet 600 W Straight 10 Modular Power Supply Unit (PSU) - £60.43 -

Found 27th JanMade hot 27th Jan
Lightning Deal!

44% claimed. 3hrs left.

Excellent PSU for a pretty decent price.


This is a very good price. Never been cheaper than £80 on Amazon in the past year.

Reviews seem high all over.

Strange that the Amazon page doesn't say anywhere this is a 80+ Gold Certified PSU (I'm 99% sure it is)

Just checked on the be quiet website and is gold. Just ordered one to replace my old xfx one. Heat added.

Just to add has a 5 year warranty.…526
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Well. I've ordered. Reviews online seem very positive and looking at Price Comparison sites it is rare to get this under £100 in places, never mind £60.

Surprised this isn't much hotter, but heat from me.

Now 100% claimed, try joining waitlist and hope folks.

im on the waitlist for this, but the 100% claimed is in red. does that mean all the sales have gone through, and there are none left?

just got one. woop

Jumped on wait list and got one. Nice one.

Gone, oh well

Mines decided to stop working after 8 months.

mine was delivered today, but the security sticker on the box was tampered with. didn't fancy risking it in my pc, so amazon is sending a replacement
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