Berghaus Coats £49.99 @ Get The Label

Berghaus Coats £49.99 @ Get The Label

Found 8th Nov 2010
Was looking around at Berghaus coats and found that Get the label sell them from £49.99 which is a great price compared to everyone else.


Do you work for Get the Label?

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No just really like the site as they have really cheap clothes.

Not exactly a deal this,is it ? There is no specific model of coat mentioned, just a general advert for the company.

I think it'd the Stratos jacket that you're mentioning for £49.99. A quick look on Google Products indicates there are a number of other places that sell it for less.

Course he doesn't work for Get the Label. How dare you suggest such a thing !!!

17° Berghaus Coats £49.99 @ Get The Label
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Do you work for Get the Label?

The jacket in the OP isn't £49.99, its £94.99....

Should your image for this post be corrected?

Also, your post implies that there are several jackets for your stated price?
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